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Part II

Friday, July 29, 2005, 8:36 PM

I was going to put something trivial in here, but not 20 minutes ago, I found something else to say.

Our neighborhood is next to the EH Nature Preserve of the Land Trust. We used to spend many a summer afternoon walking down the trails to play at the creek or pick blackberries. The trails were not as well kept as those in the lower areas of the Nature Preserve; the paths up here were narrow, surrounded by often thorny bushes, making it difficult to walk even single file. It was all worth it though.

I’m using the past tense because in the summer of 2000 (summer after 3rd grade), my sister’s friend was bitten by a rabid fox while right on that trail. You might have heard about it– it was on the front page of the Ithaca Journal, plus I’ve told a number of people about it. We were thus a little freaked out and paranoid about going on that trail, my sister in particular, so we stopped going. This summer, I’ve been contemplating heading down there again, just to see how things have changed.

Don’t get bored now, I’m getting to my point. Remember a couple entries back, when I was wondering about the sounds of loud machinery running constantly in our neighborhood? Well, I figured it out.

Today I was on a walk, going down the road right next to the Nature Preserve, and I saw through the trees, instead of lush greeness– emptiness. There was just too much sky there.

I was already getting a foreboding feeling, putting two and two together, but it was hard to really see anything through the trees, so I went down the trail into the Preserve a little ways. After I got through the band of trees separating the road from the rest of the Preserve, I could see everything more clearly.

In a wide band to my left and right, all the trees and bushes were gone. The ground was carpeted with dead leaves and twigs, splinters and broken branches. No more narrow trails, no more blackberry bushes– I could see farther than ever before, because all the plant life had vanished, leaving empty, empty, dead space.

It was depressing. And angering. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I always thought the purpose of a Nature Preserve was to protect nature, right? So why go bulldoze all the trees?

I mean– sorry, I’m exaggerating because I got so worked up about it. They didn’t, like, destroy the entire forest. It was just a strip of land. Then there was forest and everything, and all the land near the creek was just fine. But it was startling.

I looked up a couple things after I got home. It has nothing to do with foxes. That strip of land, within the Nature Preserve, belongs to NYSEG, since it’s right under the power lines. I suppose they had decided it was necessary to destroy that area so that it would be easier for them to fix power lines during outages or something.

I’m trying to be rational here. We all have to give something up for development, for the sake of an easier life– maybe a tree would have fallen on the power line and caused a power outage, I don’t know. The place I’m sitting right now was once forest too, and it got cleared, and the deer population doesn’t seem to have suffered much.

But it still makes me sad.


Monday, August 8, 2005, 3:24 PM

Yo everybody! Here’s Kari with the “Random Malevolent Badger Story of the Day”:

yo, bizzognitches (;
…don’t ask.
this is karin, i’m at april’s house. we’re currently writing the april…ull…and sharing a chair. yee-haw. wow. we’re sane.
green tea has a lot of caffene. i figured that out when i realized that apri and i were parading around a rock singing songs comprised of ‘na-na’s, ‘la-la’s and ‘doot-doot’s.
(apri: you’re taking most of the chair!!!!!!)
(kari; sorry *scoots over*…wait…*lightbulb appears above head* *shoves apri into desk, thinking there was only empty space*)
(apri: HEY!!!)
(kari: oops…)

That story had nothing to do with malevolent badgers. Woot, I can spell malevolent! Anyways… Karin just made the strangest expression. She’s good at that. Especially when it comes to i’s. Haha, I mean eyes. Hahahahahahaha.

Moola! Where’s the moooooolaaaaaah!!!!!!!

I’m done now. Toodles. (Karin says bye now too, even though she’s not here to type it)

Kari: BYE!!!!!!!!!


Saturday, August 21, 2005, 10:10 AM

I’m feeling contemplative today.

There’s something so weird about… people. In general. We all hold our own grudges and cherish our own obsessions and believe our own philosophies. We all spend our days differently and think different thoughts during those last few minutes before sleep.

But we also all live, and love, and learn, whether willingly or not. We are all different, all unique, and yet, we are all very similar.

Everybody forgets this sometimes. That’s why we have arguments and wars and hate. We need to remember. We are all very similar.


Wednesday, August 24, 2005, 9:26 PM

“Wouldn’t it be cool to be a vegetable and live in the water?”


Tuesday, September 13, 2005, 3:53 PM

Math Class Episode #1:

Ms. C: “Now, I’m not a very funny teacher. I don’t know a lot of jokes or anything, so everybody should bring in a math-related joke to class!”
Random 11th grader no. 1: “Oooh! That kid over there knows a math joke– math joke, singular.” *points*
Random 11th grader no. 2: “Okay… so, what’s the formula for the area of a circle?”
Class: *thinks: okay, this is a joke…* Person: “Pi R squared???”
Random 11th grader no. 2: “Pie’s aren’t square, circles are!!!”
*long silence*
Various class members: “Huh?”
“Um… ha ha?!”
Random 11th grader no. 1: “Dude, you said circles are square!”
Random 11th grader no. 2: “Oh yeah… whoops.”
Me: “Hey, pies can be square! If you put them in a square pan…”
Random 11th grader no. 1: “NO!! PIES HAVE TO BE CIRCLES!!! It’s part of their definition! If they’re square, then they’re cakes.”
Me: *thinks: what the heck? cakes are circles too. this guy is an idiot…* *gives piercing stare*

This class might be alright after all.


Monday, September 26, 2005, 3:16 PM

So, I’m in the high school library!

Why? It’s a long story. Last night I broke the last string of D-6 (the one a couple octaves above middle C; each key has 3 strings each), rendering that note… mute. Every time a play it– nothing but a dull thud. No pretty music. *cries*

I’m staying at IHS (“working”) till 5:30 or so, when my mom will pick me up and take me to IC to practice in the practice rooms there, where the pianos are actually functional. Yeah. That’s why I’m here.

I love how doing this kind of non-school related schtuff is actually allowed here. They actually acknowledge that not everyone who’s not researching or word processing or whatever wants to look at porn or buy drugs online or whatever the heck people do online. Some people just want to keep in touch with their friends– as I am. So we should be allowed to do this. And we are. I don’t know why I just spent a paragraph arguing about something the authorities already agree upon. Whatever. I have time to kill, okay?

Time to do English homework. I’ll be back now and then, trust me.

3:19 PM

Yes, you three over in the corner there– computer screens are funny! Haha! Laugh for 20 more minutes about it, please!

3:34 PM

Hypothetical dictionary writer no. 1: “Hey! I know what would drive everyone nuts!”
Hypothetical dictionary writer no. 2: “Yeah? What?”
Hypothetical dictionary writer no. 1: “Make all dictionary definitions really long, overly wordy– oh, and all the words should be more that 6 letters long too! Wouldn’t people just love that?”
Hypothetical dictionary writer no. 2: “Heck yes! Especially those poor over-worked students being forced to copy down tons and tons of definitions!”
Hypothetical dictionary writer no. 1: “….You know you love us.”
Mr. C: “Yes I do!”

3:46 PM

… Did that dude just say he named his mom Fish?!

3:49 PM

Rules for Rolling Chairs
Please use them appropriately: [alright, I’ll use the rules appropriately– be specific about what the pronoun is referring to!]

No Standing [*stands up* whoops…]
No Zooming [wheeee!]
Must Stay in Lab 2 [where’s the subject of that sentence? oh no, I’m trapped and cannot leave the computer lab… oh, by the way, nice capitalization]

*Psh* And they expect the students to have proper grammar?

4:11 PM

Yo person! Turn down the music! Not everyone can concentrate while listening to rap, y’know.


Friday, October 14, 2005, 12:09 AM


I was really tired at about 9 PM. Then I napped for about half an hour. And I’m not really tired anymore. I haven’t had any caffeine or sugar other than what I had at the German Tea. I just have energy.

Living is possible if you put your mind to it.


Monday, October 24, 2005, 4:34 PM

I have loads to say and not much time in which to say it, so listen up.

Homeroom Episode #16:

Peter: “Hey, why was your sister at my church yesterday?”
Me: “Er… she wasn’t?”
Peter: “She definitely was.”
Me: *thinks: Maybe it was some random Asian look-alike that your inexperienced Caucasian eyes can’t distinguish from my sister???* “Well… I dunno, I don’t really keep track of my sister nowadays.” [sadly, it’s true]
*thinks more* “OH! Play rehearsal!!”

Yes, Amy’s in Twelfth Night, which is playing Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at Boynton. Everybody come!

German Class Episode #17:

Oh, my love, here is… a newspaper! Will you marry me?

Lunch Time Episode #18:

This actually isn’t an episode… well, whatever. I had plenty of stuff to do during lunch, but Mr. Loomis ate up my lunch period (ha ha) by recording me playing the piano accompaniment for the Choir piece. Yeah. I guess I did alright. Not like it matters.

After that I trekked over with Karin and Sana to the library. I didn’t have any lunch, but it’s ‘k. I’m not blaming anybody for it. Except maybe Loomis. But not. Um. Never mind.

My levels of coherancy are plummeting, I think.

After School Episode #19:

Talia: “Hey, do you have a dollar?” [But it HONESTLY sounded like she said DOG!]
Me, thinking she said “dog”: “Yeah…”
Talia: “Can I have it?”
Me: *thinks: she wants my dog???* *sarcastically* “Oh yeah, sure, I’ll bring her to school tomorrow.”
Talia: *probably thinking I’m more insane than usual to be calling a dollar “she”* “Do you have it with you?”
Me: *thinks: why the heck would I bring my dog to school?* *still sarcastic* “Oh yeah, I’ve got her right here in my pocket.”
Talia: “Well then, do you have a waterbottle?”
Me: “Yeah…”
*gets into conversation about waterbottles*
Me: “Wait, why don’t you buy one?”
Talia: “That’s why I was asking you for a dollar!!!
Me: “OH!!! I thought you said ‘dog’!!!”

Then a librarian came over to tell us not to laugh so loudly in the library. Oh yes, we are special and we love it.

I swear, someday I will actually get my late bus number right. See, I’m always sure that it’s either 32 or 34, and I know that one is right and the other I just think is right, but I’m equally sure about both of them. So I tell the bus pass person either one. The first time, I was positive it was 34 but thought I was wrong about it, so I told her 32… and was wrong. The next time, I was positive it was 32 and told her it was 32… and was wrong.

Next order of business: Our mail person sucks. If the address begins with the number “111,” it’s probably been to our house. In other words, that huge stack of mail I just brought in– some of it wasn’t even addressed to us. Hello, person, we know how to read, correct? Good. You have a brain– use it.

Speaking of large stacks of mail, a lot of it comes from colleges that my sister either is totally not interested in (“Come to a Catholic conservative school 10 billion miles from home with no music program!”), or is vaguely interested in but has rejected (“Come to a mediocre music school in Michigan!”), or– and this last is a small minority– is interested in applying to. What I’m getting at here is, 90% of our mail is addressed to “Ms. Amy P S,” and 80% of that is college mail. And it all contributed to the huge pile of crap I had to lug in today. And the door was locked, of course, but little scatter-brained ME didn’t think of that: *pushes on door* *thinks* *says out loud* “Oh, it’s locked, would ya look at that!” *laughs wildly*

…Okay. Another thing. Apples are cool. I love apples. But I would never call an apple “exciting”… would you?

There’s still something I’ve been neglecting to write about for a while, and I will eventually, but this entry’s long enough and I’ve got plenty of other stuff to do, like eat some food.

So I’m out.


Thursday, November 17, 2005, 8:12 PM: Verbal Diarrhea

Why is diarrhea such a hard word to spell?
I need to clean my desk.
I need to clean my room.
I should be doing homework.
I hardly practiced piano at all today.
I’m so glad I finished most of my Biology homework for this entire week over the three day weekend.
Thanksgiving vacation will be too short.
There are too many books on my reading list.
Little things bother me. Like redundancies in the initial letter of lines of text.
Or like sentences with “of” as every other word.
Or computers with settings different from what I have on mine.
I promise I’ll get back to commenting soon. Promise.
But thanks to you people who comment anyway. I love you.
I love all my friends. They keep me sane.
I think that no matter how wide they make the IHS hallways, there were still be huge crowds between classes. It must be just a fact of school.
I seem to spend every waking minute working on something, and if I’m not, I’m feeling guilty about it.
Example: now.
But I really should go.
I feel bad about all my friends who no doubt think I’m a jerk because I spend more time doing homework than talking to them.
I wish teachers would give us more space to write on worksheets and things.
English and Global have been intensely fun lately.
They’re the exception though, unfortunately.
I saw some adorable turtle toys in TIME magazine and I was cooing over them for about 5 minutes.
I like turtles.
I like it when people are nice.
Computers are not conducive to concentration.


Sunday, November 20, 2005, 3:36 PM: Facebook

Since there are tons of people whose email addresses I don’t have, here is an invite to Facebook:

“Join Facebook, where we can see each other’s friends and many other members of our high school community.

Facebook is an online directory that connects you to other people in your high school through courses, groups and friends.

Facebook is for people who want an online resource for finding information about people at their school, and who want to share information with the rest of their community.

Once you register for Facebook, you can browse through people’s profiles and create your own if you’d like.”

In other words, come join and be my friend!


Sunday, November 27, 2005, 5:09 PM: Blessings in Disguise

Well well well, so it turns out that the problem was never with the computer in the first place, but with the phone line… It’s complicated.

At any rate, I found this out when I went to my neighbor’s (who’s an awesome computer whiz) to try it out and it worked fine. And while I was at it, since they have fast internet (Roadrunner), I updated my computer a lot and downloaded FIREFOX, which would’ve taken about 4 hours via modem but took only about 60 seconds on their internet service. And FIREFOX is so totally cool that I will continue to write its esteemed name in ALL CAPS for a very long time. To list its benefits would take pages and pages. Suffice it to say that if you do not already have and can get FIREFOX, please do. It’s free, so no regrets.

So a few good things came from this most recent internet fiasco: a better internet browser, and a little more time to devote to homework which I wouldn’t have had if I had had access to the internet. What an extremely confusing sentence. Okay, that’s all then. Yesterday we were company, and today we had company, so the outcome is, I have to practice piano.

Hope you had a good break. See (most of) you tomorrow!


Monday, November 28, 2005, 3:42 PM: On the mysteries of the appealing nature of pencil cases

I feel as though I’ve been fighting off immature adolescent boys who’ve been persistently stealing my pencil case and its various contents. Hey, wonder why that is…

I mean, alright, I acknowledge the fact that my pencil case is entertaining. It entertains me during some of the less exhilerating times of the school day. It comes out like a drawer. It’s got a sparkly turtle sticker on it. It has six bingo chips in it and used to have a dice too. It has pens and pencils which are just so utterly fascinating, I know, and some pennies, and a rubber band, and scraps of paper, some with my 10 week grades on them, and it has— this is a real crowd pleaser– AN ERASER. That you can ERASE with and write on and throw around and stack things on and put in your pants and do all kinds of wonderful things with! Oh wow! Never seen one of those before!

Okay, so now we’ve agreed that pencil cases are cool. Excellent. But hey, all the money in the bank is cool too, why don’t I just go and STEAL it!

Oh, here’s a real clever idea. Let’s steal the entire pencil case, dump the contents in our pocket, then give her back the empty case because goodness knows she’s quite an airhead and won’t notice! We can also very very sneakily pass the contents underneath the desks to various people so she won’t know who has the white-out pen and who has the highlighter. And when we’ve finished with all that, let’s throw it all at her! Oh this is so much fun! We especially like how she thumps her head on the desk with frustration. Let’s do it again!

Okay okay okay. Calm down, April. Truthfully, it doesn’t really get me quite that angry, it’s only very annoying. (It’s also fun to write about, which is why this entry is longer than I intended.) Anyway, fine, you can have your fun, but not more than twice a period. Please?


Monday, December 5, 2005, 3:45 PM: Guess what I had for Lunch?

I had–

Oh, I can sense you positively shivering with anticipation.

I had–

Feel the suspense. Let it seep into your soul until you are consumed by the single desire to know what April had for lunch today.

I had–

A sandwich.

I hear you thinking to yourself, “Oh, what a pathetically predictable anticlimax. I’m going to go do math homework now and eat a piece of apple pie.”

But this wasn’t just any sandwich. This was a sandwich made of store-bought bread, and store-bought coldcuts, and store-bought pre-tossed lettuce. That’s right, my friends– April ate a store-bought sandwich today. It was practically gourmet. Mm. Your mouth waters to think of it. I know you wish you had to privilege of eating such a delicacy, but alas, it is meant only for a chosen few.

On another topic, I’m going to keep a tally of how many people comment on my hat. Right now it’s at 15. Including that creepy stranger dude who touched while walking down the hallway. Ugh.

Also, I had a major scare right around the end of third period, when I realized I had absolutely no clue where my German textbook was. Luckily, the librarians had found it, bless their hearts.


Wednesday, December 7, 2005, 9:40 PM


… That’s all I came here to say. No, don’t overanalyze it. Don’t talk about what it means that I used a circular letter with an empty center and a letter with a head separate from its body to describe how I feel. Don’t wonder about the fact that two letters that do not even make up a real word can mean more than what it seems at the surface. Take it at face value: this is what I mean, this is what I say.

I’ll say it again.



Sunday, December 18, 2005, 10:16 PM: You know what I should do?

Fold all these clothes on my bed. They’ve been lying in a heap (in various locations– not always on my bed since that would obstruct my sleeping pathway) for approximately a week, evidence of my unlimited capacity for procrastination and laziness. I folded a lot of them this morning and it was boring my out of my cramped little mind, and there are still so many! And I’ve really got to get rid of them but it’s going to be so annoying I’m dreading it and have been dreading it for the past 7 days, and the longer I wait, the bigger it gets! It’s like a horror story! Gah! In fact, if I don’t do it now, chances are high that Mom will come down with a fresh load of newly washed laundry to add to the stack! But I don’t wanna! Don’t make me! *throws temper tantrum*

There’s also a book. Quite a sizeable book, due at the public library in, let’s see… Approximately 26 hours, give or take. I’m about halfway through it. If I skip sleep and/or school (preferably the latter), I might be able to finish it in time. Sure, I could just renew it, but you see, it’s a New book, so it’s likely that someone will have got a hold on it (hah) and so I won’t be able to renew it and I’ll be left in suspense! Whatever could happen at the end? It’s not even a particularly good book, but I don’t like leaving things unfinished.

Also. I have to choose a new piece for piano. My choices are Chopin, Chopin, Chopin, or perhaps Chopin. This isn’t bad at all. I love Chopin. I’d do them all, but I don’t have time. Duh. And I really cannot decide. Does anybody have an actual educated opinion on which Chopin etude they find the best? And I don’t just mean something like “Op. 25 No. 11, ’cause it’s the most famous.” I mean, which one is actually good? Not that any of you will probably know. Who cares about classical music, eh?

Speaking of piano, there’s a choir (and band) concert on Wednesday. The accompaniments are super easy, but I should practice them more anyways so that I don’t make dumb mistakes while under stress and stage lights, messing up the entire choir so that everyone will blame me and I’ll have to curl up in a corner and die. Of course, everyone is really nice, so that probably won’t happen. But still. Responsibility for negative stuff is no good thing.

I wonder how many tests will be postponed due to the snow day? I have tests in every subject– every single one– except maybe German, don’t know about that since she doesn’t give us much prior notice for tests. Even PE. Even Choir, if you count the concert which I am. Every. Single. Subject. I can’t believe we’re having another Global test so soon. I feel like I was just recently killing myself studying for the last Global test, and now I already have to start doing it again! Why???????

Phew. Okay. That was satisfying. I’m done now.


Thursday, December 22, 2005, 3:53 PM: Guess what’s stuck in my head?

Journey in peeeeeeeeeeace! Journey in loooooooooove! Journey in hooooooooooope led from aboooooooooove! When you’re awaaaaaaaaay, when we’re a apaaaaaaaaart, you’re on my miiiiiiii-iiiiiiiiiind, you’re on my heeeeeeaaaaart.

Listening to the recording of our concert in choir– it was hilarious how the rhythm section completely drowned all of us out in “Walkin’ On That Heavenly Road.” I really was playing, I promise!

Biology test wasn’t so bad, Global test wasn’t “so bad,” English test wasn’t so bad except for the fact that my writing is terrible.

And… yeah.

[Two years and I can still belt the alto line of that song. Dear god.]


Wednesday, December 28, 2005, 11:22 AM: My Watch

I have decided that I like wearing my watch to bed.

Just for the convenience, I mean. If I find myself abruptly seized with the desire to know what time it is, all I have to do is shove my left wrist somewhere in the general vicinity of my nose and jab my finger a few times at the face of my watch. The “light” button on it is pretty big (for exactly this reason, I assume), so in no time at all I am typically rewarded by a bright greenish-blue light directly in front of my eyes. Which, of course, blinds me for a number of seconds until my eyes can adjust, leaving me with approximately one second in which to actually read the time before everything goes dark again. Then I spend about a minute attempting to register this new information in my woozy little mind (“4:18? what’s that?”) before dropping off again.

Unless said mind misinterprets, say, a “4” as a “9” to produce “9:18” and confuse me enough to perform the whole feat over again.

All this is better than the alternative, however, in which I grope groggily for my bedside table for a lengthy period of time (before realizing I’m on the wrong side of the bed altogether), knock my watch off the table, wish the area beneath my bed wasn’t so darn dusty– you get the idea.

Hm. Wearing my glasses to bed would be an additional convenience.


Monday, January 2, 2006, 10:05 PM: The Illustrating April Machine

The Illustrating April Machine is currently operating at maximum output, churning out pictures for a certain English project at an average rate of approximately one per hour.

It is due for refueling shortly.

Unfortunately, the Piano-Playing April Machine is on vacation in an undisclosed location (probably on some warm sunny beach, the lucky thing), so its services will not be available. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

[April has spoken] [1:49 PM]


As I commented to my buddy JP, I could draw these stinkin’ no-faced baggy clothed people in my sleep. Well, I didn’t say it exactly like that, but I’m sure she’ll forgive me for misquoting myself.

‘T any rate, I believe the Illustrating April Machine will soon be heading off to the garage or the shed out back or wherever on earth machines do that wonderful all-too-rare thing called SLEEP. The Piano-Playing April Machine also made a brief appearance and played Rondo up to tempo for the first time in a couple months. Obviously a bit rusty (hah) but not as bad as you’d think. It was exhilarating.



Saturday, January 7, 2006, 11:26 AM: The stupidity of the Human Race is appalling

So, I’m sitting happily at my desk, doing the things I do, when I hear my dog outside, barking. Not an uncommon occurrence, but one disrupting enough to cause me to glance out my window.

And lo and behold, there are two teenage-looking guys just in front of our driveway, nonchalantly taking off their shirts.

I really didn’t need to see that.

Let me remind you that it is 21 degrees out there as well.


Saturday, January 14, 2006, 9:17 PM: Jodi and Me in NYC

Yes, I am aware that it is supposed to be Jodi and I. But that doesn’t rhyme.

I was accompanying Jodi the Great Singer for an audition for Tanglewood, a very good music summer camp. For clarification purposes.

So we spent all of Friday afternoon rehearsing frantically; her piano and voice teachers are both really cool (and, incidentally, Greek). Then I went over to her house, and we did more of the same, as well as playing with her tape recorder (I realized that I have an extremely annoying laugh) and on her awesome electric keyboard with sooooo many cool effects. Some examples of sound options: scream, car crash, telephone ring, blowing (as in, over a bottle). We also played cards (John Travolta is the only one I’m actually decent at) and Scatergories (“Ways to get from here to there: log rolling!”)

On Saturday, we both slept our way to New York City, except during the more interesting parts of our journey, such as when we were lost.

The audition building was itself a strange anomaly in the streets of New York. You walk in, and are instantly overwhelmed by the sheer luxury of the room, like a fancy hotel lobby with this incredible wavy-rippley-weird-shiny-bright-sparkly ceiling that is utterly indescribable (witness my pathetic attempt). Then you go up to the 16th floor and suddenly it’s this restaurant-looking place with orange and green walls (me: “Nice color scheme”), but then you walk a little ways in and it starts looking like a school, but then you look in all the rooms and they’re all wooden floored like dance studios, except not, and they all have the same kind of piano that I’ve never heard of, and rambling is mad fun.

Not to mention the bathroom had a shower stall and an interesting rug-covered seat that was so tall I couldn’t sit on it and touch my feet to the floor at the same time.

And of course, Jodi did GREAT at her audition! Afterwards we discovered that the auditioner was actually some world-famous vocalist (you know, one of those celebrities you’ve never heard of), and Jodi was positively traumatized. At any rate.

So that’s that then. You will of course notice that I’m leaving out entire chunks of my day. This is because I’m assuming you will be bored stiff by my detailed descriptions of Jodi’s penguin-esque walk right after she wakes up. Also, I’ve got piles/loads/tons/oodles of homework to be doing.


Sunday, January 29, 2006, 11:25 AM: A dream come true

Last night, I had a dream that I was writing about my dream on Xanga.


Monday, January 30, 2006, 3:21 PM: Mailbox fright

Guess what we got in the mail today?

If you guess “rubber snake,” you’re right.

I have absolutely no idea how it got there. Do we having a joke-loving mail person?

(There was no return address either.)


Sunday, February 5, 2006, 3:57 PM: “Islamic Empire Brochure”
I was planning to post this about a week ago, never got around to it. This is the first draft of my brochure for Global, on the Ottoman Empire:

We are located in an awesome place. It is known to most Westerners as “the Middle East,” but we find this term to be derogatory. We prefer to call our home “Center of the Golden Windstorm.”

City Life
Be careful not to get mugged by angry protesting harem women. And don’t forget to spend lots of money at our very nice bazaars. We specialize in footstools.

Science and Math
We’ve made way more advances in this area than can be detailed in a single brochure. Why don’t you check out your local library or visit us on the web at for more information?

Fine Arts

Religion: Islam
You should convert, if you don’t want to pay a bunch of arbitrary taxes. But you don’t have to. Another plus to practicing Islam is our totally cool mosques.

Works Cited
My source. My love.

Yeah. As you can see, I don’t really have anything worthwhile to say today.


Tuesday, February 7, 2006, 3:50 PM: I need norepinephrine*

I was on average about 70% asleep this entire day, disregarding the early morning hours when I actually was asleep. This reached a high of about 90% during fourth and fifth periods (Math and Choir, respectively) and a low of approximately 25% during seventh period, when we were doing our essay test in Global.
I have now learned that I write well horribly under pressure. Well, it was actually okay; I could just write and write and not think about anything because I didn’t have time to think about anything, and tell myself, oh, it wasn’t good because I didn’t have time to make it good, and so on and so forth. Unfortunately, I had already started writing my conclusion by the time Ms. Augustine had told us we didn’t have to write one, so as a result my conclusion was almost comically crappy. The basic gist of it was “If we compromise, we can have peace. The end. I would like my F now, please.” At least it was relatively legible.

Bus Ride Episode:

Random dude, to me: “Man you have food!” [pleading look]
Me: “I’m sorry, it’s not for you. It’s my lunch.”
RD: [starts groping around in pockets]
Me: “…And I can’t be bribed.”
RD: “Well, how about this pencil?” [offers the ugliest, plainest, dinkiest looking pencil I’ve seen since the days of “Adlai, did you bring my pencil back today?!“] “I’m going to be famous someday, y’know, so you can brag about having my pencil…”
Me: “But you see, I don’t even know you. So I wouldn’t really care.” [gets off bus]

Happy Birthday Mom!!!
*Note: Norepinephrine is a chemical in the brain that deals with exciting your organs, in the scientific sense of increasing the speed and intensity of their actions.


Saturday, February 25, 2006, 1:52 PM: The 456th Day

First of all, thank you all so much for the nice comments on my spontaneous story! If you read it carefully, you see that there are some discrepancies– for instance, the turtle chews the minnow after he swallowed it. These I slipped in just to test if you were paying attention.

Just kidding. I messed it up. No biggie.

But what I’m really here for, is to say that I will be leaving Xanga starting approximately today. This is because Xanga is kind of too limited– no, not that it’s too limited, more like other blog sites are practically unlimited. They tend to be more compatible with things like Flickr, and better yet, anybody can comment– you don’t have to be a member of anything! (no, that was not a huge hint to you all )

Incidentally, this may also be a good way to see who actually reads my entries for their content, who doesn’t read my entries at all, and who reads them just so I’ll comment back.

It’s still under construction, but nevertheless, without further ado, here is Circadian Rhythms.

By the way, before you call up your therapist and tell her that you’re scarred for life because April is leaving Xanga!, I assure you that I will keep this apri_cookies account so I can keep commenting.

You comment whores. I love you all.


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  1. Kati / Jul 31 2010 6:22 pm

    I feel like I’ve been pleasantly punched in the stomach by a time machine.
    Pleasant all except for the fact that I now have Journey in Peace stuck in my head.
    Worse…it’s the alto line.

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