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Previous Headers

These are the blog headers I’ve used in the past, accompanied by the dates they were in use and sources for the quotes.  I also dredged up links to the full photos, all of which were taken by me.

CircRhyt traffic

Dates: 9/25/067/11/07
Quote: “‘You be respectable,’ she said.  ‘Me, I’ll be alive.'” -Salman Rushdie, Midnight’s Children
Photo: some traffic light downtown

CircRhyt Greece

Dates: 7/11/071/1/08
Quote: “Here be dragons” -medieval maps and such
Photo: Aegean Sea while on People to People trip

CircRhyt sunset

Dates: 1/1/081/21/08
Quote: “Things can fail to happen in quite interesting ways.” -Terry Pratchett, The Light Fantastic
Photo: sunset while driving home from Luzerne

CircRhyt colors

Dates: 1/21/087/5/09
Quote: “Plan to be spontaneous tomorrow.” -some fortune cookie
Photo: who knows?

CircRhyt leaves

Dates: 7/5/09 – 6/11/10
Quote: “It loved to happen.” -Marcus Aurelius
Photo: some tree downtown


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