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8 April 2011 / April

This was my yesterday

Breakfast, studying, first part of midterm, picking up second part of midterm, sitting in sunshine, lunch, gym, picking up other midterm, picking up birthday package containing a GIANT FLUFFY SPHERICAL PANDA, starting a midterm, Sushi Thai with the CS department, awesome CS lecture by this guy, happy panda hugs.

(And yes, I’m going through a panda phase.  It may last… the rest of my life.)

15 March 2011 / April

Stuff and things

So I know it’s totally lame to bitch about Facebook.  But holy shit.  I hate using Facebook.  I don’t hate its purpose or its privacy policies or the people who use it or what it stands for.  I just hate the experience of going on Facebook.  For instance, I just changed my profile picture to one from another album, and it switched from the new lightbox view to the old style of displaying photos.  I felt dirty.

Anyway.  Other things.  And stuff.

My sister and I independently and inadvertently gave ourselves the same haircut, just like Leibniz and Newton with calculus.  We discovered this over Skype.  We laughed awkwardly about it.  We agreed, it was indeed an excellent haircut.  This being my blog, I am forced to note the fact that I got the haircut two weeks before she did, but we Skype so rarely that she never knew.  Ergo: first!

(PS. If you’re curious what my hair looks like, and you knew me in high school, just imagine what I looked like in high school.  Except with more collegial wisdom and maturity, of course.)

On an unrelated note, there is not enough coffee on the planet for me to withstand Brent at 9am on a Monday morning.  I chug caffeine and try to follow his animated didacticism on fast Fourier transform, but all it does is make me jittery and unfocused by the time abstract algebra comes around.

Also, I’ve finally decided what I’m doing this summer.  And to my alarm, it’s not an REU.  It’s an internship in digital forensics… which basically means I’m going to be a detective, just like on CSI.  JUST KIDDING.

It’ll still be pretty sweet though.  It seems like the right decision, or at least a good one, and I hope my recommenders will forgive me for making them write a bunch of letters for nothing, because they too were indecisive college students once.  But I was always really certain I really wanted to do an REU this summer, and it’s weird how quickly that certainty fell apart.

Other niceties: sunshine and warmth, pi(e), being “dapper”, stories about Bill Thurston, free pizza, and so on.

9 February 2011 / April

Today I had

three hours of class.  During which I learned about the dihedral group for AT LEAST the FIFTH TIME.

Then I TAed three hours of lab.  That’s like twice as much lab as last semester (but at least there’s no grading!).  Fun, but kind of exhausting – especially when half the students are getting mired in the “Shit, Emacs ≠ BlueJay WTF” phase of the course.  It’s just a phase, kids, it’ll pass.

Then I went to the mailroom and picked up two deliveries.  DELIVERY ONE: my passport, in which I look about as much like a terrorist as a little Asian girl can look (sorry, sorry, insensitive).  DELIVERY TWO: an Algorithms textbook (autographed!), plus granola, plus cookies.  Plus a lot of plastic sheets.  Why does my mom use plastic sheets as packaging?  I do not know.  Apparently plastic sheets are in excess at her office.  Note that these are not hard plastic sheets, because that would be even weirder, but flexible like plastic bags.  Except they’re not bags.

Then I went home and ate cookies with milk.

Then I wrote a blog entry.

29 January 2011 / April

Not-so-grand summary of sophomore year so far

I wrote a few blog posts during my unannounced hiatus, most of which attempted to summarize the trivial yet crucial aspects of the first semester of my sophomore year in a way that would not bore the average reader to tears.  So let’s try this again, ignoring the trivialities (although I wish I could tell you about pancake-flipping robots), and with little attempt at being thorough or interesting.

My fall semester was busy for three reasons.  First, my classes were waaaay tougher.  Not less enjoyable, just more difficult.  Some essays.  Quite a few translations.  Lots of problem sets.  I guess that’s what I signed up for.

Second, I TAed for two classes.  While I’m grateful that I am now qualified to bitch enthusiastically about grading, I’m hoping my coming semester (one class only, please and thank you) will have much, much less of it.  The TA sessions were sometimes stressful, but all in all much more enjoyable.  People > problem sets, most of the time.

Third, I had a boyfriend.  This implied lots of movie watching, cooking together (woooo stir fry), eating more Forge wings than is healthy for waistline or wallet, trips to Burlington and NYC and San Antonio…  And YES this does totally qualify as making me “busy,”  because I’m defining “busy” as not having time to blog, and I can do that because this is my blog.

So that’s fall semester.  Then there was the most epic winter break ever conceived of, for which I still need to upload photos.  But it was epic, I promise.

Then there was winter study, which was a lot of “work” for me, where “work” here is defined as playing with Legos and programming.  Hooray for Lego Robotics, almost certainly the best winter study class ever.

Also, can we pause and talk about the weather for a bit here?  I think there were like four massive snowstorms and a few nights with -30 degree windchill during a month-long span.

And there was that one day where there was frozen rain, so the sidewalks were covered with ice, THEN regular liquid rain, so the sidewalks were covered with ice covered with a thin but deadly layer of water.  This was the night Nick and I decided it would be a good idea to walk all the way to Dodd for waffles.  Actually, that was still a good decision, never mind.

So that’s winter study.  Then there was dead week, and that’s now.  I got up at 1pm today and am actively procrastinating on doing my laundry, which has needed doing for the past week.  I think I can go another day though.

27 January 2011 / April

Cloudy with a chance of pandas

Things I have done since dead week began, approximately five hours ago: programmed, ate carrots, looked at panda pictures.  My priorities are definitely in order.

Things I have done since I last blogged here, approximately three months ago: … um, yeah.

(Just as a reminder, dead week is the “week” between winter study and spring semester.  I’m only as morbid as my school is.)

18 October 2010 / April

Photographic intervention







7 October 2010 / April

Fun facts about the next couple weeks

1. Tomorrow is Mountain Day.

2. Since tomorrow is Mountain Day, my real analysis isn’t due till Saturday.

3. Next Monday and Tuesday are Reading Period.

4. Since it’s Reading Period, this week’s multivariable grading isn’t due till Tuesday.

5. Since multivariable is having a midterm next Thursday, my TA session is cancelled.

6. Since multivariable is having a midterm next Thursday, there is no grading for that week.

7. Since data structures is having a midterm next Wednesday, my TA session is effectively cancelled.

8. My set theory midterm starts next Thursday and is a week long.

9. During that week, I have an in-class cog sci midterm.

10. During that week, I have an in-class Latin midterm.

11. During that week, I have a 24-hour real analysis midterm.

12. Thanks to 3–7, I might not die from 8–11.