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5 July 2011 / April

Yaaaaay laundry

So I’m doing laundry!  Yaaaaaaay laundry!

Since laundry is boring, I thought I’d write a blog post.  I suppose I thought of my poor neglected blog because I just got an account at Google+, which got me thinking about internet presence and being social and communicative and stuff.

Anyway, Google+ happens to come along at just the right time for me (the world?), because I’d gotten to the point where I was HATING FACEBOOK SO FUCKING MUCH but still kind of wanted a social network to play with.  If you’re curious, it currently seems slick and Googley and empty, which is about what you’d expect from a new social network by Google.  The real test comes with time.

In other news, you may or may not be aware that the greatest nation on earth recently celebrated its birthday by exploding things!  Way to go, America!

Nick flew up to Boston for the weekend (well, the week, but who’s keeping track).  We ate lots of cheap delicious noms and walked around a lot and drank bubble shakes (fruit shakes + tapioca pearls, dude just go with it, the stuff is tasty as fuck).  We also kayaked down the Charles (in a two-person kayak, no less) for a crazy upper body workout and some bitchin’ skylines, and spent like all of Sunday at the Museum of Science because why wouldn’t we?  Oh and we watched those firework things too, that was pretty sweet.

Wow, I thought of so many things to blog about while walking back from the T and I can’t think of ANY of them right now.  And my laundry isn’t even half done.


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