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15 March 2011 / April

Stuff and things

So I know it’s totally lame to bitch about Facebook.  But holy shit.  I hate using Facebook.  I don’t hate its purpose or its privacy policies or the people who use it or what it stands for.  I just hate the experience of going on Facebook.  For instance, I just changed my profile picture to one from another album, and it switched from the new lightbox view to the old style of displaying photos.  I felt dirty.

Anyway.  Other things.  And stuff.

My sister and I independently and inadvertently gave ourselves the same haircut, just like Leibniz and Newton with calculus.  We discovered this over Skype.  We laughed awkwardly about it.  We agreed, it was indeed an excellent haircut.  This being my blog, I am forced to note the fact that I got the haircut two weeks before she did, but we Skype so rarely that she never knew.  Ergo: first!

(PS. If you’re curious what my hair looks like, and you knew me in high school, just imagine what I looked like in high school.  Except with more collegial wisdom and maturity, of course.)

On an unrelated note, there is not enough coffee on the planet for me to withstand Brent at 9am on a Monday morning.  I chug caffeine and try to follow his animated didacticism on fast Fourier transform, but all it does is make me jittery and unfocused by the time abstract algebra comes around.

Also, I’ve finally decided what I’m doing this summer.  And to my alarm, it’s not an REU.  It’s an internship in digital forensics… which basically means I’m going to be a detective, just like on CSI.  JUST KIDDING.

It’ll still be pretty sweet though.  It seems like the right decision, or at least a good one, and I hope my recommenders will forgive me for making them write a bunch of letters for nothing, because they too were indecisive college students once.  But I was always really certain I really wanted to do an REU this summer, and it’s weird how quickly that certainty fell apart.

Other niceties: sunshine and warmth, pi(e), being “dapper”, stories about Bill Thurston, free pizza, and so on.


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