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9 February 2011 / April

Today I had

three hours of class.  During which I learned about the dihedral group for AT LEAST the FIFTH TIME.

Then I TAed three hours of lab.  That’s like twice as much lab as last semester (but at least there’s no grading!).  Fun, but kind of exhausting – especially when half the students are getting mired in the “Shit, Emacs ≠ BlueJay WTF” phase of the course.  It’s just a phase, kids, it’ll pass.

Then I went to the mailroom and picked up two deliveries.  DELIVERY ONE: my passport, in which I look about as much like a terrorist as a little Asian girl can look (sorry, sorry, insensitive).  DELIVERY TWO: an Algorithms textbook (autographed!), plus granola, plus cookies.  Plus a lot of plastic sheets.  Why does my mom use plastic sheets as packaging?  I do not know.  Apparently plastic sheets are in excess at her office.  Note that these are not hard plastic sheets, because that would be even weirder, but flexible like plastic bags.  Except they’re not bags.

Then I went home and ate cookies with milk.

Then I wrote a blog entry.


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