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29 January 2011 / April

Not-so-grand summary of sophomore year so far

I wrote a few blog posts during my unannounced hiatus, most of which attempted to summarize the trivial yet crucial aspects of the first semester of my sophomore year in a way that would not bore the average reader to tears.  So let’s try this again, ignoring the trivialities (although I wish I could tell you about pancake-flipping robots), and with little attempt at being thorough or interesting.

My fall semester was busy for three reasons.  First, my classes were waaaay tougher.  Not less enjoyable, just more difficult.  Some essays.  Quite a few translations.  Lots of problem sets.  I guess that’s what I signed up for.

Second, I TAed for two classes.  While I’m grateful that I am now qualified to bitch enthusiastically about grading, I’m hoping my coming semester (one class only, please and thank you) will have much, much less of it.  The TA sessions were sometimes stressful, but all in all much more enjoyable.  People > problem sets, most of the time.

Third, I had a boyfriend.  This implied lots of movie watching, cooking together (woooo stir fry), eating more Forge wings than is healthy for waistline or wallet, trips to Burlington and NYC and San Antonio…  And YES this does totally qualify as making me “busy,”  because I’m defining “busy” as not having time to blog, and I can do that because this is my blog.

So that’s fall semester.  Then there was the most epic winter break ever conceived of, for which I still need to upload photos.  But it was epic, I promise.

Then there was winter study, which was a lot of “work” for me, where “work” here is defined as playing with Legos and programming.  Hooray for Lego Robotics, almost certainly the best winter study class ever.

Also, can we pause and talk about the weather for a bit here?  I think there were like four massive snowstorms and a few nights with -30 degree windchill during a month-long span.

And there was that one day where there was frozen rain, so the sidewalks were covered with ice, THEN regular liquid rain, so the sidewalks were covered with ice covered with a thin but deadly layer of water.  This was the night Nick and I decided it would be a good idea to walk all the way to Dodd for waffles.  Actually, that was still a good decision, never mind.

So that’s winter study.  Then there was dead week, and that’s now.  I got up at 1pm today and am actively procrastinating on doing my laundry, which has needed doing for the past week.  I think I can go another day though.


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