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31 August 2010 / April

This post is eating ice cream and not wearing pants

So today I decided to get shit done.  So, of course, today:

  1. was RIDICULOUSLY hot.  Like 100 degrees hot.  Like melt in your pants hot.  Like why are you even wearing pants right now, seriously take those off, yeah just like that baby.
  2. I left my phone at home.  This is a calamity too great for any normal swear word, so instead I shall employ a carefully chosen cartoon swear word: @$*#!

Number 1 was just uncomfortable and you probably don’t need to hear about it.  Number 2 was an educational experience for your average overconnected  young adult who doesn’t realize how dependent she is on technology and has forgotten how poor smartphone-less second class citizens conduct their grimy everyday existences.  You probably don’t need to hear about it.

Anyway, long story rendered essentially nonexistent, I’m at Cornell now.  Cornell is crawling with students now because Cornell in session, which means I get to sit at their library computers and go on Facebook while they rush around looking for an open computer so they can print the paper that they stayed up all night writing and that’s due in 5 minutes.  I laugh at their misfortune, mostly to disguise the fact that I’m a tiny bit jealous that they’re back at college and I’m not.  But hey, five days till I’m Williams-bound!

The one thing that went incredibly incredibly right today was when I remembered that Cornell Dairy Bar has temporarily moved to Kennedy, which is an eminently walkable distance from the Statler (i.e. the premier bus stop of my life), which means DELICIOUS ICE CREAM FOR APRIL.  So I might be stuck at Cornell for three hours waiting for the next bus to the boonies, and I might not have my phone with its iPod/camera/texting capabilities, and it might be 100 degrees outside – but DELICIOUS ICE CREAM FOR APRIL makes everything better.



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  1. rezecib / Aug 31 2010 3:37 pm

    Wait, you’re at Cornell? I could’ve given you stretchy ice cream!

    • April / Aug 31 2010 3:40 pm

      Yeah, I was going to text Cornellians that I was around… then I left my phone at home… Anyway, I’m here till like 4:30 or so, if you get this in time (and if the offer for “stretchy ice cream” still stands…)

  2. Hannah / Aug 31 2010 10:21 pm

    You should have Facebooked said Cornellians! Especially because, as noted, it resulted in the loss of the opportunity to try stretchy ice cream [which hasn’t killed me yet].

    • April / Aug 31 2010 11:22 pm

      I didn’t even know I would be at Cornell for longer than five minutes until it happened! But fine, I apologize for not notifying all Cornellians before my appearance on campus…

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