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2 August 2010 / April

Enforced-sleeping-in Mondays are the best kind of Mondays

Technological upgrades are afoot in the CS department.  On Friday Jeannie forwarded us an email about the new server, and added

Don’t come in until at least 10:30 on Monday, unless you plan to use your laptop only. These things always take longer than they are supposed to.

Short story even shorter, I had a late morning.

In other news, it’s cute how all the little campers think there’s a line in Paresky’s dining hall.  Like one big orderly line that goes from card swipe, to trays, to drinks, to – wait, desserts?  And by the time they’ve figured out there’s no line or semblance of order in Paresky, if indeed they ever figure it out, I’ve already cut in and gotten my pasta because there was no one standing there at that particular instant and I wanted pasta.

Anyway, my laptop no longer acknowledges the existence of my iPhone, no doubt on account of some slight long festering in the depths of its motherboard (just let it go, man).  So I’m off to reboot and hope.  Here, go amuse yourself with stormtroopers knitting and pirate Darth Vader instead.




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  1. YJ / Aug 3 2010 2:34 am

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