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5 July 2010 / April

In which I blog while doing homework and convince myself it’s a GREAT idea

Wow, I am so glad I’m not in the Northeast this week, where it’s like 95 degrees and sunny every day.  Here in Northfield it’s humid as hell (hell being admittedly probably quite dry, but you know what I mean), and if you go outside you get eaten alive by mosquitoes regardless of whether you put on bug repellant – but at least it’s staying around a mostly manageable 80 degrees.

And hey, the humidity makes it feel like you’re walking through a cloud, which Karly points out is “like a hug from Mother Nature.”  I guess that makes bug bites kisses from Mother Nature.  Man, tough love, Mother Nature…

In other news, topology class is giving me all kinds of great ideas for nerdy jewelry, Lie theory is providing similar fodder for band names, and somehow I’m going to Texas in two weeks which has been distracting me ALL DAY.  That’s the only reason my rice was overcooked and my proofs incomplete.  Really.


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