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2 July 2010 / April

Proof by “Well, duh!”

SO MUCH MATH.  We’re all dreaming about Klein bottles and compulsively noticing group puns.  And finding them funny.  It’s BAD.  Yet SO GOOD.

I’m all kinds of busy, so here are just some pictures from week 1.  (Yes, it’s the end of week 2 already, but.  Yeah.)


Generic view of Northfield’s main street, which is like Spring Street on steroids.


This exists. I’M JUST SAYING.


“Everyone look productive and mathematical! … Okay, now everyone be productive and mathematical…”  Cue many long but amusing hours of homeworking at the coffee shop.


Left: Wisconsin. Right: Minnesota. Note the stark and stunning contrast at the state line, it’s really unmissable.


For instance, as this picture clearly shows, everything is made of cheese in Wisconsin. EVERYTHING.


Pop quiz: what state are we in if we’re standing in the river that defines the state line?

(In case you’re wondering about the sudden fascination with Wisconsin, it’s just that we hiked to Wisconsin from Minnesota last Saturday, no big deal.)


What happens in colloquium stays on the internet. (My favorite: Clara’s face reacting to her hat falling off.)  (Oops, this photo is from week 2.  Whatever.)



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