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21 June 2010 / April

SMP, day 2

So it’s day 2 of SMP.  I’m definitely not blogging every day during this program.  Literally every weekday we have three hours of class and endless hours of problem sets, plus all the requisite socializing and grocery shopping and such that comes from living in a townhouse with a few other people you’ve just met.

Can we talk about the townhouses please?  They’re pretty sweet.  They’re big and clean and full of closets, they have full kitchens with the most elaborate refrigerators I have ever seen, they have washing machines and nice couches and AIR CONDITIONING, they’re close both to the center of campus and downtown Northfield (which, by the way, is like Spring Street times three… for Willytown comparison).

Can we also talk about those people you just met?  They’re pretty sweet too.  They’re friendly and funny and they like math, so much so that I’ve actually stopped noticing.  I’m probably going to return to the real world and wonder why nobody seems to like math.  Actually, I do that already.  But you know what I’m getting at.  It’s a cool environment to be in where you don’t have to like justify the entire field of mathematics to random people.

On a totally unrelated note, one of our textbooks is by this one guy named Colin Adams that you might have heard me talk about at one point at another.

So okay, it’s a lot of work – but it’s work I’m interested in, with people I like, on a beautiful campus in a nice town.  I think I can live with it for four weeks.


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