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12 June 2010 / April

The bad bus luck continues

I would now like to take the time to point out that IT’S NOT A BUS STOP IF THE BUS DOESN’T STOP.

And I wouldn’t have a problem with missing my bus in such a frustrating manner if it weren’t at the Statler, which is a pretty major bus stop (not somewhere you should have to signal the bus driver), or if it hadn’t been the very last bus of the day going anywhere remotely near my admittedly remote home.

But I mean, I’ve always wanted to walk down a highway during rush hour, when it’s so calm and quiet and I don’t have to worry about being smashed into smithereens by a truck.  Thanks, TCAT, for always looking out for me (sadly not literally).

Sarcasm aside, it’s actually a really nice walk from Cornell to my house – even the highway has gorgeous views.  And weather-wise, I couldn’t have picked a better day than yesterday.  Just look at the CLOUDS!  They’re PERFECT!


And after that, I came home and cooked onions in butter for like an entire hour (there was other stuff too, but dude, onions in butter!), and there were also strawberries and the most delicious coffee ice cream ever.  So all in all, not a bad day.


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