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11 June 2010 / April

It’s a work in progress

This is probably much more interesting for me than for any of you, because let’s face it, I’m the only person who’s been reading this blog since early 2006.  But hey!  My blog looks different now!

It’s kind of really exciting.

I’ve been planning a blog theme change for a looooong time, because my old one was obnoxiously justified (as in the text alignment, not like it had reasons and shit), too narrow for me to show off my mediocre photography, and altogether too blasé for my sparkling and dynamic personality.  It did have custom headers, which I appreciated, but now I get to sink my teeth into some beautiful, delicious fonts.  Friends, there’s this thing called typography and I’m trying not to get obsessed.

Anyway, I’ll probably be tweaking things as the day goes on, but I thought I’d let all y’all know so you didn’t just think the internet had gone all crazy on you.

And now, I have to catch a bus.  Just in time too, because my laptop battery is going to die quick April post before it goes!!!!!!!


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