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12 May 2010 / April

Thoughts on an email I just received

1. I can’t believe Facilities sent me an email written in red Papyrus (the typeface).  Real professional, guys.

2. Incidentally, I’m living in Currier over the summer.  At least the part of the summer I’m not spending in a townhouse at Carleton or my house in Ithaca.

3. It took me four tries to type “at” instead of “cat” right there.

4. OH SHIT, the date for my arrival is wrong in the email.  Guess I’ll be camping in the quad for a night.

5. Just kidding, I literally just got another email from Facilities , and it’s confirming a corrected date – but more importantly, it’s ALSO IN RED PAPYRUS.  I’m not at all a typography elitist, I just can’t believe someone in an office somewhere has Papyrus as the default font on their email client.  It’s just odd.




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  1. rezecib / May 12 2010 10:46 pm

    Incidentally, I had Papyrus as the default font for my email client for a while. It wasn’t red, though. Having done programming, I’m now partial to monospaced fonts, though…

    • April / May 12 2010 10:53 pm

      I apologize for potentially insulting your past self. But it’s completely different for personal emails in my opinion…

      • rezecib / May 13 2010 12:32 am

        Haha, I wasn’t offended. I just thought it was funny. The emails at Stony Brook are pretty awful-looking, too, but in different ways. There’s a Biomedical Engineering professor who (quite often) sends emails by sending it to the BME secretary with the contents being: “w… plz dist to ug’s. tx. c”, which I see in every email because it gets forwarded… it’s embarrassing.

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