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1 May 2010 / April

Losing our religion

DISCLAIMER: No religions were harmed in the making of this blog post.  I think.

By popular request*, what follows is a blog post dedicated to Williams Secular Community, or WSC if you’re in the know, or “Dubsky” if you’re no one.

Last night we hiked up Stone Hill for a campout (after a brief detour to Dan’s room to tell him to “COMIN CAMPING”).  Somehow we ended up lying in a circle on top of each other and singing Beatles songs, a situation we arrived at via s’mores, beer, Pokemon references, lots of music (including R.E.M., hence the title), and lots of sexual innuendo.

The best part?  Only one person was actually drunk.  The rest of us were just naturally and inexcusably insane.

The other best part was – actually, you know what, the whole damn night was the best part.  The whole damn night was why being a college student is the greatest thing in the world.  Choice quotes:

WSC at a hypothetical fancy restaurant: “We’d like the gourmet shit please.”

Antal to Margaret: “I think you get the ‘First Person to Say ‘Penis'” award for tonight.”

Margaret to a marshmallow: “WEAK!”

Me: “Somehow I’m parallel to two people who aren’t parallel to each other…”
Antal: “So you’re non-Euclidean!”

Greg: “… The rabbits are waking up.”

Me: “I love you, but that’s a lot of weight you’re putting on my forearm.”

Everyone at one point or another: “Yay, fire!”

We finally fell asleep at about 5 (+/- 1) AM.  What can I say, we have some seriously nocturnal people in our group.

I woke up in one of those completely disoriented states, where you’ve had your eyes closed for a long time and have to undergo a massive shift in mental perspective in order to place yourself correctly in the physical world.  It’s kinda hard to put into words; you either already know what I mean or never will.

Anyway, once I’d gotten that straightened out, I rolled over, opened my eyes, and was presented with an absolutely gorgeous view of the sunrise over the valley and mountains.  It literally took my breath away.  Though I’ve been on Stone Hill before, I suppose since we’d hiked up in the dark, it hadn’t fully occurred to me what a beautiful setting we had for our ridiculous antics.  It was one of those small moments that feels large at the time, one of those moments that resonates.

Then there was some tree-climbing, no cows, telling meta-recursive stories, breakfast at Tunnel City, and finally, dispersal and a reluctant return to normal life.

By the way: it’s almost summer.  We’re so fucking close.

* Read: a couple people** asked me to.

** Read: Margaret asked me to.


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    Also: “You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down.”

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