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28 April 2010 / April

Laundry day

I’m starting to be of the opinion that everyone should have to hand wash and air dry their laundry at least once in their life, just to bring home exactly how wonderful our machines are.  I’ll admit, I too shudder at the thought of washing my dirty laundry by hand.

But I do hang it up to dry, so on the rare occasions when I decide I really need to use the dryer (some days…), it seems like a miracle.  I can throw my laundry in and forget about it for an hour, and when I come back it’s warm and dry and full of static electricity.  I literally think dryers are magic.  And I mean literally in a figurative sense.

Anyway, I’m feeling moderately more sane than I was at the beginning of the week, so I think I can manage to tell you about my life in separate sentences that actually have pauses in them.  Get ready.

We’re on the very last unit of intro psych, which is clinical psychology, AKA the unit where we all self-diagnose ourselves as mentally or socially deficient just because new toys freaked us out when we were babies.  Psych: reducing your faith in the goodness of humanity since a really long time ago.

I’m enjoying Diff-Eq more and more these days, in part because I’ve lowered my expectations of our prof to a level where I don’t have to sit around sulking because he’s not proving anything, goddammit!  It’s also because we’re doing dynamical systems, which is so tantalizingly close to chaos it makes me happy.  I can’t quite put my finger on it, but there’s something about phase portraits that’s really exciting to me.

What I wasn’t expecting to have to know in Diff-Eq, however, is linear algebra, which is NOT a prerequisite for the class.  Sometimes this means I get to show off my mad linear skillz because I know what an eigenvector is (AND why it’s called that).  Other times I seem like a moron because he asks me what a Jordan form is and I can’t for the life of me remember.  At any rate, all this becomes irrelevant starting Friday, when we get our hands dirty with nonlinear systems.  And, if we’re lucky, chaos.

Linguistics is… linguistics.  We argue about stuff and get our minds blown and become gradually more incapable of judging the normalcy of English sentences.  I’ve occasionally found myself composing a text message or Facebook status, noting an instance of potentially dubious grammar, trying to rephrase it but feeling overwhelmed by the many equally weird-sounding possibilities, and finally giving up altogether.

I can’t remember what my last class is.  This ALWAYS happens.  I am literally unable to remember all four of my classes at any given time.

Oh, it’s CS.  Computer science: showing you all the ways bad programming can lead to erased hard drives since not that long ago.

This was definitely supposed to be a blog post about more than just school and laundry, but it’s getting late.  So I guess this will have to do.  It’s not like there’s anything going on in my life besides school and laundry anyway.   And a rant about the changes to our dining system this coming year probably deserves a vitriolic post of its own…



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  1. Kati / May 2 2010 8:24 am

    Eigenvector is a funny word.

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