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7 April 2010 / April


will be pleased to know that I have successfully planned my next year’s schedule, mostly because the 2010-2011 course catalog came out today and I felt compelled to flip out.  As in, literally drop everything and start choosing classes/complaining about scheduling conflicts/insisting that comp sci should totally fulfill the “Exploring Diversity” requirement (I mean, computers are just like… really, really foreign people?).

Anyway, I’m about 83% happy with what I have, although it involves me taking applied math (blech) and I might not survive spring ’11, which would be unfortunate.

Other exciting things that occurred today: much lying about outside in the heat and humidity, nearly bursting into tears in math when he announced we had another midterm coming up at a most inconvenient time (AHHH), unintentionally missing the CS review session unless it’s still going on right now… in which case I’m still missing it… dammit.

I actually have an epic and totally overly ambitious blog post about the end of spring break drafted out, but you will have to wait till I own my life again to see that.  Sorry, I guess. A sneak preview will have to do, probably permanently, because let’s be real: I will never own my life again.  Sigh.



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