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25 March 2010 / April

The list that shouldn’t have been a list

I wasn’t planning on blogging daily during this break, but if that’s what ends up happening, so be it.  Anyway, here are some things that I managed to accomplish today, in no particular order save the order that I think of them.

0. Visiting IHS.

1. Excellent conversation with Mr. D – partly about Ms. T who’s on sabbatical in California writing a novel.  Just imagining it makes me smile.

2. Weird conversation with Steve – partly spent looking for his cell phone in his car.

3. Breakfast in the new Gimme! next to the public library.  So shiny.

4. Lunch at Viva, fulfilling a craving for a Viva burrito that I’d had for a few days.  (Not a burrito I had for a few days, the craving…. but yeah, you figured that out already didn’t you.)

5. Seeing lots of people, and lots of hanging out in H-Courtyard and the Tattler office.  Kind of like the glory days.*  But completely different.

6. Getting my AP Lit journal from Ms. L.  Finally.  Hah.

7. Seeing the orchestra rehearsing in a trailer, thanks to the construction happening in Kulp.  As an aside, I love the impeccably ironic timing of the significant expansion happening to the high school’s music building concurrent with the significant budget cuts happening to the school district’s music program.

8. Wait, can we go back to that conversation with Steve back there?  That’s the kind of stuff that shows up in the inevitable memoir, where I’m literally in the backseat of his car talking about life and linguistics.

Let me remind you that it’s been three years since Steve’s Precalc class, and I don’t think I’ve ever had a conversation with him half as long or as interesting as the one I had today.  It was a bit surreal.  Almost as surreal as some other interactions I’ve had with him, possibly involving a pink princess dress in a garden.

9. Can we also go back (figuratively) to the Gimme! next to the library?  The exquisitely shiny new Gimme! across from the new Cinemapolis that I’m still not completely used to, in the same building as the new Urban Outfitters and the new pharmacy that apparently has an old school soda fountain.  Man, Ithaca, someday I’m not going to be able to recognize you anymore.

10. In retrospect, choosing to combine a list format and a flow of consciousness approach for this post was not among my best ideas.

* The glory days = second semester senior year of high school.  I use this term occasionally, but I don’t know if I’ve blogged with it before, so I thought I’d clarify.



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  1. rezecib / Mar 25 2010 6:11 pm

    I’m on a bus right now coming back to Ithaca! We should hang out with Cornell people!

    • April / Mar 25 2010 8:12 pm

      Yes! I’m getting dinner with Eva on Saturday at an unspecified time and place… you should join us.

      • rezecib / Mar 25 2010 9:52 pm

        I don’t know, unspecified time and place are a bit difficult for me to get to. I’ll do my best, though.

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