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24 March 2010 / April

Developmental psych

AKA all cute babies, all the time.


I do enjoy this unit of Psych 101 (partly because the prof is great, also because OMG CUTE BABIES), but I must admit, I understand why some people don’t like science.  Especially when textbooks take a picture of sheer adorableness and caption it with, “The 3-month-old has assimilated the rattle into her sucking schema and has accommodated the schema so that it now includes the rattle as a suckable object.”

The beauty of science, of course, is that it enhances superficial adorableness with deeper understanding.  But sometimes, the terminology gets in the way.

Anyway, this is the promised entry about babies.  Mostly an excellent way to avoid working on my psych lab report.


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  1. kati / Mar 24 2010 8:37 pm

    Bullshit. That is no rattle; that’s a teether. Its entire purpose is to be sucked on. At work we have the same ones in about six different colors.
    Silly textbooks…

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