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17 March 2010 / April

Some run-on sentences about spring and such


I don’t know if the content of this photo makes sense to anyone but me, but basically, this is what happens when it’s spring and 60 degrees and gorgeous and I open my windows and prop open my door to get a breeze to dry my fantastically smelling, fantastically clean laundry.  And said breeze causes my curtains to eat my desk.  Specifically my computer.

So I say “Screw that, not doing work anymore,” and I go and be a real person in the real world outside of my room, and have a grand old time doing it.

And have work that needs to be done, so you know, there’s that, but I totally aced my math midterm and I’m still not failing CS quite yet, plus spring break is SOON OH SO SOON and I’m excited about my summer.  Among other reasons, I’m excited about my summer because my advisor is amazing and made all my decisions seem easy.  Duane, where were you when I was applying to college?

Anyway, details to come.  I was actually planning to write about babies, which I may still do at a later date, but I’m not promising anything.  In other news, I need to sleep so I can work later so I can pack later so I can leave later, so bye.


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