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10 March 2010 / April


is just to ensure that an entire week does not go by during which I do not blog.  Because I was running that risk.



a) Going on walks.
b) Lunching outside.
c) Doing work on the balcony in Paresky.
d) Wearing flip flops.

2. Can we have our helping verbs back please, Nathan Sanders? We’ll take good care of them this time, we promise.

3. Meetings where we get together and have a lot of fun but get very little done.
a) WSC. In the dark. Because we’re badasses like that.
b) WSO. Snack bar cam?!?!?!

4. The massive suckiness that is my upcoming weekend.
a) Diff-eq take-home midterm. (StewJo (the prof): “Yeah, I grade these while drunk.” Me: “Does that mean we should take them while drunk too?”)
b) CS problem set.
c) Psych lab report (oh wait just kidding, I totally finished that today; see 1c).
d) Linguistics paper (see 2).
e) Having a life (optional).

5. I can never print anything correctly on the first try.
a) Seriously.


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