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4 March 2010 / April

The semantics of looking at chickens

So sometimes I get little nuggets of ideas for blog posts, so I’ll start a post and write a few words to jog my memory and then go off and stab my eyes out doing math homework, and then come back to the post a few hours later and feel confused.

So that’s why the title of this post is what it is.

As a totally irrelevant aside, do you ever make mistakes so inconceivably stupid that they leave you literally gasping for breath?  And doesn’t it suck when fixing the mistake doesn’t even help?  Doesn’t it suck when you have to pretend you’re right when you know you’re wrong?  You know, just wondering.

In other news!  “Me and her saw the chicken” is grammatical!  Go tell your English teachers!

Reasons I love linguistics class: lots of impassioned arguing about minutiae (argh, conjunctions!), analyzing ridiculous sentences (cf. chickens) with an academic eye, recursion (cf. recursion (cf. recursion (cf. recursion))), nerding out about the ablative case and only getting shit about it from one person (ALEX), no longer having an instinctual sense of what “sounds right” (“I devour”: completely acceptable to my ear), everything I mentioned here.

Sorry!  I promise, I do have classes besides linguistics.  They just aren’t interesting.


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  1. rezecib / Mar 5 2010 12:28 am


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