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1 March 2010 / April

Ups and downs

It’s times like these when I’m really glad I have an iTunes playlist called “Awesomeness.”

I don’t want to talk about the most immediate reason for my shitty mood, but I would be thrilled to tell you about all the other cumulative reasons.  They are called helping verbs, and they suck all kinds of ass.

Yesterday started much worse than today, and ended much better.  Yesterday, I went to Bronfman to work on my linguistics essay from 11 till 1:45, booked it to Driscoll (the last dining hall still open) to wolf down a lunch before it closed at 2, then headed back to science quad to the computer lab to do CS till 4:15, at which point I suddenly realized that despite how sweet ML pattern matching is, I was going insane and needed to stop working.

I ended up having a lot more work to do today, which is why today also kind of sucked.  But in between, some entry mates and I decided to let off a little steam.  In the form of an entry party.

It was such a Williams thing to do… to spend the day working like hell and spend the night rocking out to ’90s music and eating delicious food in Mission snack bar and being deliriously happy with my ridiculous friends.  Such a great night.

Anyway, oh look it’s March.  When did that happen.

(To be clear, yesterday = Saturday, today = Sunday.)


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  1. kati / Mar 11 2010 7:45 am

    I’ll send you some songs on my “badass piracy” playlist to cheer you up. No, they’re actually not showtunes!

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