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23 February 2010 / April

Fun facts

In CS we have left Lisp (not) far behind and are now exploring ML, a programming language I hadn’t heard of before this class (which isn’t saying much because I am an ignoramus).  ML has some really sweet features, most importantly the one that allows you to write something like “fun fact 0 = 1” and have it actually mean something.

If you don’t get why this is hysterically funny, like our prof Steve for a few moments while the class was busy asphyxiating with laughter, you should (1) learn ML, and (2) read the expression as “Fun fact!  Zero equals one!”  The best part is – well, the whole thing is the best part, but a part I especially appreciate is that 0 = 1 is NOT a fact.  Though I suppose it could still be a fun fact.

On my way back to Mission after this incredibly funny class, I crossed paths with two girls having an enthusiastic impromptu scatting session.  I do not know these girls.  I kind of want to.

Finally, I just spent a significant amount of time perusing random Dinosaur Comics, which you should absolutely start reading if you don’t already.  And like XKCD, don’t forget the title text.  The most recent one, which inspired this webcomic binge, is fantastic.  It reminds me of my way of justifying purchases by thinking of them as donations for the betterment of the economy plus a FREE GIFT*… but this is a little more badass.

In other news, the quote of the day semester is, “Oh yeah, I was about to do my math homework…”

* Especially when you’re buying things from small internet companies or local stores, this is almost too effective.


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