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3 February 2010 / April

Things that must be blogged about

1. I took a break from my overwhelming dead week responsibilities to visit Kati at Hampshire, record an audition for her, edit and burn a DVD of said audition, meet a few of her friends, eat Indian food in Northampton (ah, Northampton love!), dream about sledding and clichés, get acquainted with the Hampshire media resource people, etc etc etc.

It was more than a little hectic, but fun, because I kind of love Kati a lot.  Hampshire is a cute school.  Their financial aid office is in a barn.  Sorry, sorry, I won’t make fun of it… it’s really a pretty cool place.  It’s got beautiful scenery, it features a unique academic program, and it’s near Northampton and copious amounts of civilization in general.  Oh civilization.

2. … And because I KNOW you’re wondering, the trip was pretty uneventful, except the whole getting a ride from Pittsfield to Williamstown with complete strangers thing.  They were Williams students at least.  And the only reason I even did that was because the stupid Pittsfield bus station closes at freaking 6 PM and we had a two hour layover and it was cold and I’ve already spent enough hours in that damn pizza place.  Well, I made some new friends I guess.

3. First day of classes!  The preflection post comes after Friday, but suffice it to say I’m a little tiny bit scared about CS, and I managed to not sit next to Ben and Alex in linguistics.  And I had like an hour long lunch.  And I have work to do again, and it feels weird.

4. The ethnographic theater production that just won’t die, “Home, for me,” that one I’m teching, is having a rogue performance tomorrow evening.  It’s a little unofficial, and a little last minute.  The rehearsals are even more last minute.  And we’re having trouble getting in touch with the other more skilled techie, and I don’t have keys to any of the rooms, and I still don’t know whether I’m even allowed to do this as a job, and GAH.

5.  Chris stained his white linen pants.  It was a moment of great tragedy in the entry.  Let us observe a moment of silence for Chris’s white linen pants, during which we contemplate the remote possibility of him tie-dying them.



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  1. kati / Feb 4 2010 10:46 pm

    Oh fine, be pejorative towards my school…fiiiiiiine. Oh wait, I do it too sometimes…

    (PS- did the guys in the basement ever show up?)

    (could that sound any sketchier?)

    • April / Feb 4 2010 10:51 pm

      Haha don’t worry, when you visit Williams you may be as pejorative as you please.

      And yeah, the basement guys did in fact show up. I needed some iMovie help, which they actually couldn’t provide because no one understands iMovie 08, but they gave me a DVD and I used one of their computers to burn the DVD– so yeah, that worked out.

  2. kati / Feb 4 2010 10:58 pm

    Wow, that’s awesome. When did they finally show up? We Hampshire students like to pejoratify ourselves by saying we run on “Hampshire Time”, but that doesn’t really cover more than 20min of lateness.

    And oh, I can’t wait. I’ll make flippant little comment all over the place. You won’t even see them coming.

    • April / Feb 4 2010 11:02 pm

      I don’t know exactly, I think I went down at like 2:30-ish and they were there already.

  3. kati / Feb 5 2010 10:22 am

    I like how you use the word “already.”

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