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31 January 2010 / April

Week of DEATH

… AKA dead week, AKA the week between winter study and spring semester, AKA the week when nobody does shit.

What I have done: practiced some piano, did some laundry, eaten a lot of Mission food, watched a lot of movies and a lot of internet TV, explored Chapin Hall a little (for no particular reason (promise))…



Oh, and I purchased between 75 and 100 percent of my books for the spring semester.  Williams has a new system for textbooks for financial aid recipients now.  Instead of the 1914 Library, which I appreciated but which KILLED MY SPIRIT in the fall, now we can stroll over to Water Street Books (admittedly a rather arduous stroll in -20 degree with windchill weather), swipe our IDs like the credit cards we wish they were, and be done.  Total cost?  Zero bucks baby–and spirit still alive and everything.  Thank you Williams.

And by “between 75 and 100 percent of my books,” I of course mean “either 75 or 100 percent of my books.”  Unless I need exactly two-thirds of a textbook for diff-EQ or something.

Speaking of math, I had a great dream last night where I had to remember Stoke’s Theorem and just couldn’t and it freaked me the fuck out.  Which is funny, because in real life I also cannot remember Stoke’s Theorem (not off the top of my head, anyway) but it does not freak me the fuck out.

Anyway.  Tomorrow I’m going on a little adventure to less-western Massachusetts, and then actual school starts up again at last.  So that’ll be interesting.


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