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28 January 2010 / April

The end


Last day of winter study.

Doughnuts in class, watching someone solve the Rubik’s Cube with chopsticks, running errands (who knew there were Williams College offices in the same building as Tunnel City Coffee?).  Waiting for sandwiches at Grab & Go, because they’d ran out.  Taking an extra cookie out of spite.

Walking very very far to buy a bus ticket, wondering whether it’s a good idea to wear my Williams sweatshirt on a bus to Amherst (I probably will, even though it’s really not), exploring the ’62 Center, not falling during ballet class.

Watching the snow fall and finding it extraordinarily beautiful– and it’s not like I’ve never seen snow before.  But it seemed more magical this time.  It was like being in a snow globe.  Maybe it was just because I was in such a good mood.

Rotting my brain with internet TV and feeling surprised at how quickly the entry has emptied out for dead week.  Yay dead week.  Most morbid name for a vacation ever.


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