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26 January 2010 / April

Winter study

So it turns out that winter study doesn’t last forever.  I mean, who knew?

And it’s not even like I necessarily want winter study to last forever, because you know me: I’m excited about my spring semester classes, I care about school, and I want schoolwork that I need to care about.  But during winter study, there’s this mentality you get into almost against your will, in which spring semester is like the moon– always far away and never getting closer– and all those things you told yourself firmly you would do “during winter study” can always be put off till tomorrow with no negative consequences.

I know, you’re thinking, “April, that’s called PROCRASTINATION, and virtually every human on the planet is a champion at it.”  You’re right, really.  You’re astute like that.  That’s why I like you.

Yet somehow, during winter study, things are different.  Even procrastination.


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