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20 January 2010 / April

Not a post about Last Night

Our entry just completely failed at rounding up a team for broomball.

Wait, have I mentioned broomball before?  Broomball is basically the worst idea to ever hit Williams’ winter study, with the possible exception of Last Night.  Think highly aggressive college students at varying states of inebriation, running around on an ice rink in street shoes, swinging broomsticks at a hard rubber ball.  They have helmets sometimes and padding never and shirts most of the time.  This is broomball.  People get hurt.

Yet in some strange insane way, like so many other human pursuits, it’s also awesome.

Pratt 3 usually gets pretty into it, but tonight we weren’t.  Some people were watching a movie, some people were sick, some people were MIA, some people were getting manicures, and no one really wanted to play, with a couple exceptions.  A couple extremely disappointed exceptions.  Some of whom threatened to throw the couch I was lying on out the window.  I didn’t move.

Hmm, has anything else happened recently?  I really don’t think so– it’s not like winter study is particularly interesting or anything.  I teched a show for the first time, and somehow I’m teching another (and starring in it, despite not acting in it).  I’m well on my way to becoming “that girl” in my Rubik’s Cube class, i.e. the (only?) one who asks and answers questions and is generally obnoxious.  Zelda has returned.  I really like milkshakes.

Yeah, there’s clearly nothing else to say here.


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