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9 January 2010 / April

Winter study-related miscellany


If I weren’t forcing myself to go to the gym on a semi-regular basis, I could literally not leave Mission from Thursday afternoon to Monday morning.  It’s always been difficult to resist that temptation, but that is seriously exacerbated during winter study.  Outside is cold.  Outside is snowy.  Outside there are no beds.

Last night we even decided that First Fridays* should be held in Mission.  I mean, I’m sure the dining hall is big enough.  Of course, since we’re such dedicated and conscientious dancers, we forced ourselves to go to First Fridays** anyway.  It’s a struggle sometimes.

On another note, my winter study class is Mathematics of the Rubik’s Cube, which shouldn’t be too bad because I already have a good amount of group theory under my belt.  (Precalc and two math seminar quarters will do that to you.)  Also our professor is super nice; even if he’s making us come to class four days a week (scandalous!), we’re spending a lot of the time watching YouTube videos and just playing with the cube, so it’s not exactly hard work.  And hey, now I can solve the Rubik’s Cube!  I know, I’m cool.

I’m also doing a winter study PE class, because I could just barely fit it into my busy schedule.  I’m doing beginner’s ballet– beginner’s despite the six or so years of ballet I had in elementary school.  I’ve forgotten most of that anyway, and while some of the steps are coming back to me as I do them, what’s also coming back are all the reasons I quit: my inflexibility, lack of balance, and complete inability to spot.

Our teacher is about the polar opposite of the Ithaca Ballet teachers; maybe it’s just because it’s a beginner’s class, but she’s just so chill in a way I didn’t know a ballet teacher could be.  And our studio is also the polar opposite of the ancient decaying (but well loved) Ithaca Ballet building.  Our classes take place in the “glass box” of the ’62 Center, which means floor-to-ceiling windows with beautiful views on Greylock quad and the mountains.


A few days ago I finally received my new messenger bag, which I ordered on Christmas but which I have probably spent six months to a year choosing.  There were periods of time when my affinity for messenger bag shopping rose to the level of an obsession.  Online shopping in general is pretty addictive, and potentially financially destructive (though I usually restrict myself to “online window shopping,” to use a phrase coined by Annie), but messenger bag shopping brought the hobby to new heights.

Anyway, the Holy Grail of this quest is Chrome’s Mini Metro, and it’s pretty damn intense.  Plus it came with free socks that are also pretty damn intense.  Basically, the collective intensity of my various possessions went up 214% with the arrival of that package from Chrome.

I think that about covers it.

*At first I wrote Firsdays.  Hah.

** I did it again.  Gah.


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