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4 January 2010 / April

A reverse odyssey, as it were

The short story is: I’m back at Williams.

The long story is… longer.  And not nearly as interesting as the rumors you may have heard of the herculean feats of mobility that took place in the wind and the snow and the growing darkness on Rt. 7.  I could discredit these rumors, but it’s much more fun to tell people I helped push a car to Williams and let them wonder.

It’s in situations like these that people’s true natures come out.  Not so much ours as those of the people driving by while we walked behind our poor pathetic rental car.  One good soul offered to give us a ride.  Another told us the roads ahead were “Brutal.  Just brutal.  Did you pack a lunch?  You’re going to need it.”  And with that he drove off, cackling diabolically at our misfortune I’m sure.

A snowplow driver helpfully informed us that it wasn’t a great day to be taking a stroll.  NO SHIT SHERLOCK.

Anyway, in light of all this, let us remember the short story.  I’m back at Williams.  And at long last, it is winter study, where our worst predicament is that Mission dining hall is fucking CLOSED and our loftiest ambition is to have a Disney movie marathon.  Life is good again.


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