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1 January 2010 / April

It’s 2010! Breadsticks time!

First of all, can I just take a minute to remark upon the stupidity of the “Oh no what should we call the decade we just went through” debate?  (To which the proper response is, “Yes April, take as long as you like, it’s your damn blog.”)

Do you think they called the ’20s “the ’20s” in the ’20s?  Furthermore, do you think they called the 1820s “the ’20s” during that decade?  We’re all present-ists at heart: biased towards times closer to the present.  We all have little logarithmic-scaled timelines in our brains whether we want to or not.

But I stray now from my main point, which is that what we call the decade now doesn’t really matter.  A name will happen when it becomes necessary.  Popular terms have a way of emerging from the woodwork as time passes.

So why don’t we focus on what really matters, which is HOLY SHIT GUYS IT’S A NEW YEAR.

It’s when you get to promise to lose more weight and use Facebook less and always do your psych readings, and more importantly, it’s when you get to pretend that you really will.  This is a rare and beautiful period of encouraged delusion.  And when I say “rare” I mean once a year… which isn’t that rare…

But!  I have a method of expanding upon that tragic annuality– with science! Observe that a year is merely 365.25-ish days, the time it takes the Earth to revolve once around the sun.  But no one specified the beginning point of those 365.25-ish days.  Well, the ancient Romans and some other people did, but what did they know?  Definitely nothing about lead pipes.  So what’s stopping you from celebrating New Year’s Day on any day?

Don’t bother making your resolutions now.  Make them tomorrow.  Or yesterday.  Make resolutions whenever something needs to be resolved.  Because every day’s the beginning of a new year, and that’s something worth remembering.

Now that I’ve completed my possibly unreliable ranting and preaching, allow me to take yet another minute to say: Happy 2010.  I hope it’s better than 2009, even if your ’09 was pretty awesome.


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