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27 December 2009 / April



What follows are a few of my many little nascent beginnings of blog posts that went to Never Never Land and refused to grow up.  I only picked ones formulated since I came to Williams.  They’re kind of interesting if you’re into minute details of my life and the way my mind works, which you clearly are because you’re here.

I have sat here for over an hour straight trying to write an introductory paragraph for a paper I’ve ALREADY WRITTEN and which is already TOO LONG.  This should be EASY.  This is NOT EASY.  I am unhappy.  [9/21/09]

It really bugs me how everyone here is always like, “Oh, but you’re from Ithaca, so you must be used to it.”  What, do you think upstate New Yorkers have evolved like a layer of blubber to keep ourselves warm in the winter?  Yes, I’m “used to” the snow and the frigid temperatures.  But that doesn’t mean I can’t complain about them.  Did I complain about snow and cold in Ithaca?  Hell yeah I did.  I complained a lot more in Ithaca because I didn’t have a nice warm dorm in which to live and my travel was always contingent on whether any snow whatsoever was precipitating from the sky.  I complained a whole lot in Ithaca.  [12/11/09]

We watched No Country for Old Men, which was intense and sort of confusing because I wasn’t fully paying attention all the time.  Afterward we sat around sketchily in the dark and chatted idly, because everyone was too lazy to turn on the lights let alone complete any actual work.  It was while we were in this state that we had a random visitor from P2.

Charlie: “Hey P3, you all look comfortable.”
Annie: “Yeah, we’re recovering.”
Charlie: “But… it’s like six o’clock.”
Annie: “… Yeah.”

P3 is Pratt 3, my entry, for the uninitiated.  We play hard.  (And by we, I really mean some people.  Seriously.)  [10/11/09]

I like being at a liberal arts college because I feel like you don’t always have to argue about the usefulness of things, but you do often have to argue about the general awesomeness of things.  Like I never have had to defend THE ENTIRE FIELD OF MATHEMATICS so hard as when I’m working on calc problem sets with Alex.  I do not understand why that kid takes math classes.  Probably just to annoy me.  [12/7/09]

You know what’s awesome?


But what’s better is being alive.

But what’s better is living.

But what’s better is orange juice.  [11/9/09]


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