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18 December 2009 / April


So yesterday, after a stressful couple of days, including like an entire day studying for calc and then the calc final and the linguistics final and working madly on my English paper interspersed throughout– I finally finished that paper, feeling surprisingly good about it, froze my face off going to print it out and turn it in, came home, ate some cereal, realized I was done with three out of four classes and since finally finally FINALLY all my flaky Ithacan friends had gotten in touch with me to sort out the carpool situation, I finally finally FINALLY knew (almost) exactly when I was going home–

And I felt so relieved.

Then I went and had basically the best mid-finals evening ever.


Emily, Chris, and I braved the arctic cold to go see Fantastic Mr. Fox at Images, Williamstown’s independent movie theatre.  (Ithacans: think mini-version of Cinemapolis– the old Cinemapolis.)  It was a highly enjoyable hour and a half of stunning visuals, quirky animation, and great humor.  And adorable forest creatures.  Unless you enjoy none of those things, you should probably go see it.

On the way home, I stopped at the ’82 Grill for some food, since I had just plowed through dinner time working like a maniac on my paper (and at Williams, you can eat dinner late, so suck it Harvard (sorry, inside joke, no offense meant…)).

It really was intended to be a “stop” to order a pizza and bring it back to the entry, but then I happened to run into Jake and his friend and– well, you know how it is.  You sit down to chat a bit and one thing leads to another and suddenly you’re… talking about Angela Merkel and negative sound?

Eventually I made it back to the entry with half a pizza that was quickly devoured, and I briefly considered studying CS, but it was 11 and Emily was lounging in a hammock wanting to talk and– well, you know how it is.

So we talked.  About salsa.  And how in four years, thinking about Williams will feel as weird as thinking about high school does now, which is weird.  Because the thing about life is that stuff keeps changing, and that’s just weird, especially when you’re stuck in the middle of it and it feels like it’s never going to change and you’re not sure you ever want it to.

Then there was a fucking fire alarm, but we don’t talk about that.



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  1. kati / Dec 18 2009 9:48 pm

    Back home in Ithaca, there are no fire alarms. Especially when you’re hanging out with me.
    Except the epicest fire alarm of all…the fire alarm of my love…

    what I mean to say is get yo skinny as hone so we can hang out.

    • April / Dec 18 2009 10:29 pm

      Believe me, if I had a ride, I would so be home right NOW.

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