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5 December 2009 / April


I’m feeling really good right now thanks to the past 24 hours of my life.  So let’s recap.

Last evening I had a mini Glee marathon.  This is a TV show that is the cause of much discussion and even confusion in my entry; some musical theater nerds wonder why a musical theater show could be so popular among normal people, some cynics wonder why a show so clearly making fun of musical theater could be so popular among theater people, and some people just enjoy the damn thing because the songs are catchy and Sue Sylvester is hilarious.  (Not to mention any names or anything.)

Then there was dinner, and some boring stuff, and then watching Mixed Company, which was the combined Dance Company/INISH performance.  Pratt 3-er Liz is in Dance Co, so we were obligated to see it, but I would’ve gone anyway because I’ve realized that I love modern dance, a lot.  Irish dance has some damn impressive footwork but there’s something about really excellent modern dance that sends chills down my spine.  And I got chills at Mixed Company.  Yay America!

Afterward Annie and I went to Ephlats’ a capella concert, which was lots of fun, then I successfully peer pressured Annie and Emily into coming to First Fridays with me so we could do our own version of “modern dance.”

We showed up fairly “early” (AKA an hour after it started), which meant as the night went on, we ended up in the middle of the dance floor where the crush of humanity was the most powerful.  This (inevitably?) led to dancing with random people.  Which led to dancing with one random guy longer than I expected.  Which was ridiculous!  This is not something that happens to me, ever.

Anyway, it was all in all a good time.

Then I came home exhausted and slept till noon.  Ahhhh…

The newest entry fad is Sporcle quizzes, which are ADDICTIVE, CLICK THAT LINK AT YOUR OWN RISK, GAH.  So this morning, which actually means today between 1 and 3 PM, we spent doing quizzes and realizing we fail utterly at naming African countries.  Also we learned how to spell Liechtenstein– that first “e” was getting us– so from then on whenever we had to name countries, I would say “Lieeeeechtenstein”… pronounced just like that… to emphasize the fact that it was not Lichtenstein but Lieeeeeechtenstein… and also the fact that it was not a serious answer… yeah.

Other popular joke answers: “guinea pig,” “venicewhatever,” “April $hen” (long story), and “no YOU’RE a guay,” with credit to be given to our resident punnist Kevin for most.  We are Williams students!  We have good nerdy fun!  (And other kinds of fun!  Cf. First Fridays!)

It was snowing too.  Like actual, sticking on the ground, big fluffy flakes from a slate gray sky, SNOWING.  Unable to resist the temptation, we roused the troops and headed out to play on Mission Hill.  Sledding was exciting but a little dubious, due to the relatively small volume of snow.  But it was incredibly wet snow.  Excellent packing snow.

Ergo, snowball fights!  And making a snowman, who is actually Emily and my adorable snowdaughter, named Pisa for her alarming inclination.  She had but a short life thanks to gravity and thoughtless college kids.

It was all very exciting, especially for people like Liz who have never really played in the snow before, but also for the rest of us.  Because college snow is different.  It’s more fun.  Also the early snows of winter are all better than those of, say, February, when you just want the snow to DIE.

Then there was some more boring stuff, and then dinner tonight.  For the following couple paragraphs, you need to know about meal points at Williams.  You get points when you don’t go to a meal in a dining hall, and you can use them at snack bar, the 82 Grill, Goodrich coffee bar, or the Eco Café (I think that’s all) for a sometimes surprisingly large amount of sometimes surprisingly delicious food.  Lunch or dinner at the 82 Grill is basically the best thing in the world, for the record.

Anyway, here’s what I love about the points system.  Let’s say, purely hypothetical, you are awesome enough to get treated to a dinner at Sushi Thai by the CS department.  Let’s also say you exploit that generosity to the fullest and order a meal so big you have to bring half of it home.  Then you eat Sushi Thai twice, and use your dinner points twice– and you literally get FOUR MEALS for the price of NONE.

Okay, two of those meals were paid for at the beginning of the semester by your tuition and stuff, but it still feels like FREE FOOD.  Hello, freshman 15.

Alright, I have to go.  People are getting faaaaar too excited in the common room.  Hello, Pratt 3.



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  1. elphietali / Dec 7 2009 1:57 pm

    “Okay, two of those meals were paid for at the beginning of the semester by your tuition and stuff, but it still feels like FREE FOOD.”

    So true…lol. Love it.

  2. Stacy / Dec 7 2009 10:01 pm

    I highly approve of the Glee love! (And Sue Sylvester *is* hilarious. I’m dying for Jane Lynch to sing and it is my not-so-secret dream for her to sing “Poor Unfortunate Souls” from The Little Mermaid.)

    Haha, and I have perfected the art of mooching free food. 🙂 The lives of college students, Apri. We are living the dream.

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