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5 November 2009 / April

A heartfelt epistle to a non-sentient entity

Dear math homework,

You did not make me happy this week.  There are some weeks when you are easy and make me feel smart, and there are some weeks when you are difficult– but I ponder and persevere and still feel smart.  But this week you are difficult and you don’t make me feel smart in the least.

It’s really a pity, because aside from you, today has been a perfectly splendid sort of day, during which I did not sleep in and almost miss badminton, was let out 35 minutes early from linguistics, and ate a lot of Reese’s candy courtesy of Kylen.  But then there was you.

Allow me to briefly enumerate a few reasons why you are not making me happy.  First of all, your problems are such that small errors are liable to occur but impossible to catch.  Second of all, they don’t resemble the example problems we did in class nearly as much as they should, although admittedly that is not your fault but my professor’s (and the people in my class who asked a million questions) for not quite getting to where we were supposed to be in lecture on Wednesday.

And finally, you are so very unkind to people who forget they’re not supposed to evaluate the fucking impossible integral, but merely set it up.  AARGH.  Do you understand now how you are not making me feel smart?  Or even at all competent?

So I think we need to spend some time apart.  And by that, I mean I think some procrastination is in order.

No love,


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  1. Alo, / Nov 5 2009 8:10 pm

    lol i just stopped trying once i got to the last problem. goddamn integration. such a bitch.

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