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3 November 2009 / April

Things that happened before 4 PM Monday

(Because that’s when I actually wrote this.)

Question: Would my chances at getting into the probably-soon-to-be-overenrolled linguistics class next semester increase or decrease if I friended the professor on Facebook and “like”d all his status updates?  He’s actually an active Facebook member, unlike some other teachers/professors with an online presence, and his updates are actually pretty funny, especially since I’m currently in another class of his and get the jokes about the midterm and such.

As an aside, I am in no way, shape, or form attempting to prevent anyone from taking any linguistics class next semester.

I also met with my advisor this afternoon, where we discussed classes for next semester and other such things.  He also needed to remove the advising hold on my registration so I could pre-register for classes (which I’ve now done, yay!).  Anyway, it was a fun meeting because my advisor’s such a cool guy.  And about ten minutes later I received the following email.

I removed your hold.  Go wild.

Such a great email.  It’s like a haiku: so brief and concise, yet saying so much.

Then I came home and did some things, possibly including checking out professors’ Facebook profiles.  I mean, what?

Oh, the other thrilling thing that happened today was me being an accomplice in Prof. Adams’ nefarious plan to drench the 12 o’clock section’s homework with water.  Mission successful.

(Then other things happened after 4 PM, but anyway.)


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