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1 November 2009 / April

Time warp

I’ve never before been awake during the actual Daylight Savings Time switch.  It’s a lot weirder than just sleeping an extra hour.

I had a sip of coffee around 8 and a good amount of sugar after that, and also it’s an hour earlier than I thought it was ten minutes ago, so I’m not really tired.  Go figure.  So instead you get to hear about today!  Hooray!

Today was Halloween and a Saturday.  These facts taken together meant that I spent the entire afternoon glued to a couch in the common room doing absolutely nothing, and the entire evening going to various events including trick or treating at the president’s house, an a cappella concert, an improv comedy show, and an obscenely crowded dance, all with crazy costumes mixed in.

And I do mean obscenely crowded.  It was literally the event going on tonight, so everyone was there at one point or another, and you ended up accidentally dancing with people who were just trying to pass by and it was ridiculous.  And there was a creepy guy in a black cloak and mask who just walked around silently without dancing.  Creeeepy.

Then I came home and witnessed other people coming home, which was interesting.  A good kind of interesting– for me at least.  I would never be so cruel as to retell here some of the things said or topics discussed.  But will I retell them to their tellers tomorrow morning?  You better believe it.

In other news, people in my entry were vanity searching their names in my blog and it was kinda awkward.  It also makes me self conscious about mentioning names.  Note the meticulous (albeit actually unintentional) lack of them in the current post.  By the way, hi entry!

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