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30 October 2009 / April

Happy Technical Difficulty Day!

Somewhat ironically, we underwent some serious technical problems in CS today.  At least more serious than the ones we typically undergo, which involve Jeannie’s computer being unhappy and everyone complaining about the wireless network.  (Purple Air, why do you hate my iPhone?)

Today’s problems involved the projector, which refused to project anything but a blue screen of death.  We looked through the menus and were particularly attracted to one option that depicted a smiling face gazing serenely at a screen.  But alas, it did no good.

See, being in CS classes does NOT imply technical know-how.  The only thing that implies technical know-how is being on the staff in OIT, whom we called for assistance.  Fortunately, with their help everything was running smoothly within 20 minutes, so Jeannie could show us photos of cacti and kings of England as was her plan.

After that was calculus, where our professor is diligently training us to become gamblers.

English, however, would have to be my favorite class of the day.  Because we listened to rap and watched music videos and got to hear our very academic and soft-spoken professor say “shit” (“Yes, I do know that word”).

But moreover, because it took a good portion of the hour to figure out how to operate the projector/screen/computer/magical techiness system in the lecture hall– which admittedly was a little complicated but really shouldn’t have required the full mental capacities of ten college students working on it.

… But okay, mostly because we transitioned from Whitman to Jay-Z in a single hour  I later told Alex about this unusual class and he called me a “closet thug,” which I think is a description that anyone who truly knows me would have to agree with.

In other news, yay it’s the weekend!

This post was made possible by two Milky Way bars and one Snickers.



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  1. kati / Nov 1 2009 8:23 am

    “closet” thug?
    I think you’ve begun to leave the closet behind, friend…

    • April / Nov 1 2009 5:06 pm

      You say that just because you truly know me…

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