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23 October 2009 / April


Yesterday’s unpublished miniblog: “Our last swim class was this morning, the calculus homework was not torturous, we talked about Gödel’s Incompleteness Theorem (squee) in linguistics, and my window is open.  What more is there to say?”

Today’s real blog:

This weekend is Family Weekend, which is when parents of the class of ’13 invade WIlliamstown and creep on their kids.  Just kidding.  But they come sit in on classes, check out the dorms, sample the dining halls, etc.  It’s a good time, but it does mean becoming suddenly slightly self-conscious about our conduct.

For instance, like probably all the other entries, we had to conceal our quote board.  I mean, it’s not like scandalous shenanigans happen frequently in our entry.  We just talk about them.  All the time.  And maybe they sometimes happen, but it’s not like I would know anything about that.  Anyway, we also cleaned our common room and removed the condoms from the candy jar.  These things are important for some people’s parents.

There were no parents in CS.  Sadness.

There were about 5 million people in multivariable.  The reasons for this are as follows: 1) multivariable is already huge, and we are typically out of seats; 2) most of the students are freshmen, and therefore 3) many parents were in attendance.  Additionally, 4) there weren’t actually 5 million people in multivariable today, but that is a minor point.  The presence of the parents also made my random knowledge of the word “ablutophobia” even more hilarious than it inherently was.

There were a few parents in English, but English was mostly weird because we were in a classroom in Bronfman with its midget desks instead of our regular more spacious room in Hopkins.  Because we were kicked out by a board of trustees meeting– as if that’s more important than the study of Whitman.

Incidentally, I think it was the same classroom where the calc class I visited back in September ’08 was held, one of the two classes that hinted at the excessive awesomeness waiting for me here at Williams.

This post is hereby truncated because I am quite distracted.


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