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16 October 2009 / April

A week in the life*

MONDAY: Reading period.  Slept 12 hours and felt so much more alive than the rest of my (slightly insane) entry.  Finished a program, wrote most of a paper before learning the deadline had been pushed back three days, made anti-Semitic jokes, went to dinner at an actual house with actual home-cooked food, nommed.

TUESDAY: Still reading period.  Crammed for midterms.  Rarely left dorm.

WEDNESDAY: First class canceled due to first imminent midterm, second class held despite second imminent midterm, third class replaced by first midterm, evening activities replaced by second midterm.  Spent a not insignificant portion of second midterm literally grinning.  Hope that’s an indication of success and not delusion.  Second midterm followed by gelato and Glee and Monsters, Inc. and happiness and studiously not working.

THURSDAY: Finally, finally finished that damn English paper.  Felt strangely proud of said English paper.  Only class of the day canceled.  Sweet


Not quite a real Mountain Day, but the magic was not really in the events, though they were fun.  The magic was the fact that our interim president was open to an unconventional opportunity, that the snow spared Williamstown and the sun blessed it, that two thousand students wanted something so fervently that it had to happen.


Our next project: world peace.

*Results not typical.  (Careful observation of this summary will reveal that I attended exactly one real class over the past week.  Oh yes.)



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  1. Alo, / Oct 16 2009 4:58 pm

    Hi April! Your blogs are soooo amusing I love to read them… mwahaha secret online stalker? Oh yes.

    (PS: I just sorta gave away my identity if you check your facebook status’ comments hahahaa)

    • April / Oct 17 2009 12:20 am

      Yay online stalkers! But yeah, I think I know who you are. 🙂

  2. Stacy / Oct 18 2009 2:32 am

    My friend at Smith also had a Mountain Day and I was most amused. ❤ I'm glad your midterms went well! (I'm… not looking forward to getting mine back?) And yay, Glee and gelato. That sounds like a heavenly combination. 🙂

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