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6 October 2009 / April

Leaf pile


So after getting back my first ever college essay, adorned with over a page of my professor’s handwritten wisdom, I decided I needed a break from thinking about academics– and from thinking in general.  It also happened to be an extraordinarily lovely autumn afternoon.

“I have an intense urge to make a big pile of leaves and jump in it,” I announced when I arrived back in the entry.

And that’s exactly what Emily, Pedro, and I did.  We picked out a nice place on Mission Hill with a million trillion leaves.  We didn’t have a rake.  What we did have was creativity (and sweatshirts), and a little time on our hands to spend laughing at the curious stares of passersby and pretending to be kids instead of college students.  Not that those are necessarily different.

When we deemed our pile large enough, we jumped in.


I think my day can be modeled pretty accurately with some translation of the graph of 1/x2, with my mood asymptotically shooting towards exquisite bliss as time approaches the instant we landed in the leaf pile and reaffirmed our right to decide for ourselves what it means to be an adult.


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