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28 September 2009 / April

Umbrella fail

I’m currently hanging in Paresky till the rain lets up. Goddammit. I had my umbrella with me all day to ensure it wouldn’t rain, and Emily had hers too so the weather would in fact be absolutely lovely.  (Apparently, the effects of umbrellas on the weather are cumulative.)  And so it came to pass.

But it was so nice and sunny when I headed out to practice piano that I figured surely, surely I wouldn’t need an umbrella. Will I ever learn…

Anyway, I’d like to preface the remainder of this post with the disclaimer that not all my days are so thoroughly wonderful as you may believe from reading this blog; I just always feel like writing when I’ve had a thoroughly wonderful day.

So in CS I was telling Kate a little about my program, including my hopes to have it generate compilable code from its own code and thus evolve into sentience. Kate apparently found this worth drawing our professor’s attention to with the following exclamation: “Hey Jeannie, we’ve got a megalomaniac here!”

I protested that it’s almost certainly every programmer’s dream to write a program that could eventually surpass its creator in intelligence and consequently (of course) take over the world. But evidently that’s not the case.  What?  What’s everyone else doing in CS classes then?

Then there was calculus. Multivariable thus far has been a kind of hybrid of precalc, calc, and linear (a little). If I had a professor less fantastic than Adams– or alternatively, if I remembered more than the scantest remnants of precalc, calc, or linear– this would be torture.

Fortunately, I have a professor who can core an apple with his bare hands, AKA the most badass math professor in the history of the profession.  I mean, I knew Adams was friendly and funny and brilliant, but I had no idea he was so fucking badass.  I think he might be superhuman.

The other thing worth mentioning at this point is the puppy chow that Taylor, Annie, and I made for snacks last night.  I hadn’t heard of puppy chow before this, so let me explain. Take Chex cereal, melted chocolate, peanut butter, and powdered sugar. Put them in a garbage bag.  Shake violently.

Bring trash bag to common room and invite entry to reach in and see what mysteries await them. Be amused at their skepticism.  Feel happy when they realize just how awesome the contents are.  Snack on the plentiful leftovers whenever you go into the common room.  Bring a bowl of leftovers to your room to snack on intermittently (or rather constantly). Decide this is either the best or the worst idea you’ve ever had.

Ooh, rain’s stopped.  Briefly.




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  1. Rafael Lizarralde / Sep 28 2009 6:23 pm

    Wow. That sounds like an amazing trash bag.


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