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27 September 2009 / April

Next time I need a blogging hiatus…

In celebration of (not actually but mostly) finishing my program, which generates pseudo-nonsensical text based on text you feed it, I thought I would try to create a blog post rendered faithfully in the style of my previous blog posts.  I chose a random one, which entirely coincidentally happened to be this, set my program to look at six* previous characters in choosing the next one, and let it churn out 1000 characters of brilliant non-grammatical chaos.

I could tweak this program and let it write my blog for me, I think.  But I love y’all too much for that.  Anyways, behold the output.

time we actually managed to save the entire post for about editing Ms. T asking me about the next stop was not all that far away. That’s a nice story, but does it even received a request in Java.  Which I was not walking home.  I was not all that at least I didn’t it.) Anyway, all of this post– and grateful that might be awkward.  It was the heart-warming tale of the day going within a two hour walk from my ridiculously isolated abode.  I had walked up Gun Hill earlier, which are vast and plentiful, and every single other three justice when every sentence– with the sheer forced to collaborate.) Usually 8th period is a programming.  More of what did I do 8th period today?  More of what I mean programming is taking over my life.”Probably the best story I have much more fun losing than they will have much more a combination of my own personal reserves of incompetence that we will winning. My final idea for about the past four days, and then becomes interesting enough.”  Every

It’s a bit e.e. cummings-esque.  I think the only fully grammatical sentence is, “It was the heart-warming tale of the day going within a two hour walk from my ridiculously isolated abode”– and even that’s a bit dubious.

I still haven’t gotten the program to generate compilable code based on its own code.  Once it does that, it will take over the world.

*Too few and you won’t even get words, too many and it will just rewrite the post.


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