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17 September 2009 / April

Ithaca has gorgeous

So I wore my Ithaca Has Gorges t-shirt today (yes, it’s a joke on a joke; yes, the title of this post is therefore a joke on a joke on a joke) (no, I don’t actually have an Ithaca Is Gorges t-shirt; yes, it’s possible that I have failed as an Ithacan) and discovered that it is clearly magic.

First of all, it caused me to run into one of the more elusive Ithacans at Williams (and by “elusive” I mean “not Antal or Ruth”).  We found each other at, of all things, a poetry reading.  It was so improbable that I am convinced the t-shirt must have had something to do with it.

We should have like an Ithaca reunion for the six of us at Williams.  Except it wouldn’t be a reunion because we were never all together at the same time before, just living in the same town.  I guess it would be a union.  But that sounds kinda awkward.

Anyway, also I was walking down Spring Street and no fewer than two random people struck up conversations with me about (a) how I’m not going to Cornell, surprise surprise, and (b) how Ithaca… has gorges.

Yeah, the second guy literally asked me some weird question along the lines of “So what kind of gorges?” and I had NO CLUE how to answer him.  I said something very ambiguous that circumvented the question and he seemed to think I was kind of weird, but I was like, “Hey buddy, you’re the one who started the weirdness here,” except I actually just smiled and nodded instead.

As for the first guy… I guess the questions about not going to or even applying to Cornell will never cease.  I had a big long rant written about this, but it had a much meaner spirit than I intended, so I deleted it.

What it really boils down to is this: don’t judge my judgments, people.  I don’t always know what I’m doing, but there are some things I’ve thought a lot about and astonishingly, which college to attend happens to be one of them.  I know, weird right?  Surely this random person on the street must have a better idea of what kind of college suits me than I do.  Maybe I’ll listen to him.

Or maybe I’ll just change shirts and do my own thing.

NB. I have not actually changed shirts.  Yet.


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  1. kati / Sep 19 2009 9:10 pm

    That’s weird. When I tell people I’m from Ithaca, they often tell me that they’re familiar with it because of the colleges/they have relatives who go/went to one of them. But I never get asked why I didn’t go to Cornell (or IC, for that matter.) Maybe I don’t fit the stereotypical mold as much, or it’s that I do fit Hampshire’s stereotypical mold so well. In any case, it’s true. It’s not like you didn’t spend months upon months making this decision.

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