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13 September 2009 / April

Highlight reel

Things from the past few days…

1. Audrey II, the cute and totally harmless plant I bought for a dollar, about which only two things are known.

  • It is “some kind of succulent.”
  • It seems to be “pretty much indestructible.”

Yeah, it basically appeared at the plant sale during a total solar eclipse and they had no idea what it was…


2. First classes.  So good.  So. Good.

3. Most of the food here, including gelato at the WCMA (in minuscule portions), brunch night (breakfast food for dinner), knock-you-nakeds (HEAVEN ON EARTH), and kids’ night (delicious comfort food of the typical American childhood; the mac and cheese was the shit).  And entry snacks are tonight, woo!

4. Pedro beatboxing in front of the entire freshman class at the jamboree, completely without prior knowledge or preparation.  And let me say, utterly without sarcasm: I am honored to be in the same entry as such a talented beatboxer.

5. Tag sales!  Found an essentially new copy of The History of Love for 50 cents.  And I’d almost bought one at Barnes and Nobles for like 12 dollars.  Suddenly I feel $11.50 richer.  Score.

6. Figuring out how to print from my laptop to the college’s printers.  Which will come in handy once I start actually doing work.  Hello, first full week of the school year…



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  1. kati / Sep 15 2009 8:23 pm

    …but I think I might go with Don Pedro instead. Which actually wansn’t inspired by this post. I mean, it was. I mean. Ehem.

    (Isn’t it funny that they’re called tag sales here? But yeah, they’re soooo nice. I got a teapot for my lounge for 75 cents, and a long-since-much-needed storage container for my stage makeup for 50 cents.)

    Iiiii miss you.

    • April / Sep 15 2009 11:07 pm

      Yeah, people get surprised that we have yard sales and not tag sales where I come from… Miss you too! ❤

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