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9 September 2009 / April

In which I repay a debt

Multivariable calculus, in a sense, gave me way too much free time during the spring semester of my senior year, which upset me.  (Because I couldn’t take it, in case you missed that whole deal in January.)  Then multivariable calculus, in a sense, took away way too much free time during this afternoon, which also upset me.

It’s like I was repaying some sort of temporal debt to multivariable calc… a debt that I took no pleasure in incurring in the first place.  Multivariable calc had better be fucking amazing or I shall be indubitably pissed.*

Now you get to hear all about my day and wonder how I could possibly blame it on multivariable calc.  Spoiler alert: I can’t.  But it’s a convenient scapegoat.

At 12 noon I got in line at the 1914 Library, which lends textbooks free of charge for financial aid students.  Considering that textbooks are repugnantly overpriced, this is an awesome thing, but there are some flaws in the system (which they are revamping this year or the next).  For instance, though the library opened for the first time at noon today, a lot of upperclassmen got in line at like 9 AM.  But could we?  NO, we had a silly meeting to attend at 10:30.  Blah.

When I first got there, I could tell the line wrapped around the building but I couldn’t see the front of it so I couldn’t say exactly how long it was.  When I (slowly, oh so slowly) went around the corner, I could tell it went down to the tent across the parking lot and then up the stairs to the door.  When I got closer to the tent, I could tell it looped back and forth inside the tent four times.  When I got to the stairs, I thought my life could reach no loftier pinnacle of jubilation.  When I went in the door… THERE WAS STILL A LINE INSIDE.

Then I died.

Then they didn’t have any of my books.

Then I went to the store with my voucher and got a couple of them, but I have to go back to the 1914 Library to fetch them tomorrow, and one of them is simply so damn expensive that I think I’ll just mooch off my friends.  Guess which class that one’s for.  Hint: MULTIVARIABLE ______.  Oh wait, was that too obvious?

Let’s summarize.  I spent a total of three and a half hours trying to get books.  I didn’t eat lunch, although I did witness other people eating lunch in the line, which was about as pleasant for me as you might imagine.  I didn’t get my calc book, although I did witness other people getting the last ones, which was about as pleasant for me as you might imagine.  I didn’t visit the music and theater departments as I’d been planning.  I got two thirds of my books but still don’t actually have them.  Can you believe it?  All I want is to hold my beautiful used books in my hands and flip through them and feel vaguely intellectual.  And not spend $400 dollars to do so.


So up until about 3:30 my day was incredibly shitty, shaping up to be my worst day on campus yet.  But then I got cheap prints of Magritte and Escher (!) to adorn my bland wall.

Then I visited my advisor, who is quite awesome.  When I walked into his office, he was chatting with some random and rather attractive guy.  Who apparently is building a house.  I may end up dropping in on my advisor more frequently than I would otherwise to increase my chances of a serendipitous encounter.  I mean, what?

I trekked back to Mission and got a surprise call from JJ, which wouldn’t have been a surprise if I’d remembered our photoshoot with the chaplain’s dog.  Um, don’t ask.

When I met him (JJ, not the dog) behind Mission, there were already four other people in his not excessively roomy car.  I squeezed in the back.  “Are you in?” he asked.  “Almost,” I replied, and tried to close the door, and couldn’t.

Anyway, we figured it out, drove off somewhat cautiously, met the dog, enthused over the dog, photographed the dog.  It was awesome, because we’d been going through WAI withdrawal since we last saw each other, um, yesterday.

Our entry was seriously craving a break from Mission dining, so we made the long and arduous journey to Dodd for dinner.  This is also where Antal lives, so I got to see Antal.  Did I mention running into Antal yesterday?  I don’t think so.  But yeah, I quite literally ran into Antal yesterday and it was very happy, then I quite metaphorically ran into him today and it was equally happy.

The whole latter half of this post is just my long way of saying, my day improved drastically post-1914 Library fiasco.

Hey, guess what!  Classes FINALLY start tomorrow!  And my first one is at the obscenely early hour of 1:10 PM.  And that’s my last one too.  Wow, guys, college is nice.

* My multivariable calc class actually is going to be fucking amazing, no lie.


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