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27 August 2009 / April

Love love love looooooove

Last night, I had what was essentially a nightmare.  But instead of fear or grief, there was happiness.

I come over to Kati’s place so we can cook a meal together.  [Except her kitchen is actually my kitchen.  Minor point.]  She takes a pot of leftover chicken out of the fridge and invites me to eat some, which I gladly do; it’s delicious.  Then we get to work chopping lots of fresh vegetables and having a generally good time.

Later, I go into the dining room, where Amy shows me a passage from a book.  The book is a collection of short essays or vignettes written from a second person singular point of view.  The particular one she wants me to read is less than two pages long.

It’s about butterflies.  It’s about lots of butterflies flying about in a field, with a bucket.  But what it’s “about” is mostly irrelevant, because the important feature of the passage is that the word “love” is scattered at random throughout, with little regard for conceptual or grammatical accuracy.  Often there are multiple consecutive occurrences.  Occasionally the “o” is lengthened, drawn out so that the brief word may persist for a little longer.

It’s as though the writer were so entranced by the idea of love that he could not resist filling his work with it at every possible, and improbable, opportunity.  The effect is so ridiculous yet thoroughly pleasing that I’m laughing by the second paragraph.

The other important feature of the passage is just how happy it makes me.

* * * * *

I woke up with that happiness still in me.  And it was sunny, and Maddie had posted a fantastic message on my Facebook wall, and it was 7:30 and already shaping up to be a damn good day.

Now, to completely ruin all the magical warm fuzzies of this dream, some analysis!  Not really analysis, but it happens that basically every single thing in this dream has a very clear connection to my real life, which is a little bit (not a lot bit) unusual for me.  So I thought I’d spell it out.

During the weeks when I was living downtown with Maddie, Kati and I floated the idea of getting together at her apartment and cooking dinner.  Sadly, we never got the chance to do this, as tech week for Footloose descended upon us with all its busyness, plus Kati for various reasons lost access to her kitchen.  Maybe someday it’ll still happen, outside of my dreams.

My mom and Tim both started vegetable gardens this year, so I’ve been eating tons of fresh veggies (though not much chicken).  Incidentally, it’s been a good year for zucchini.

Amy’s been pestering me to watch Love Actually for a while now, and a couple days ago I finally did.  Despite the differences in medium, it’s rather similar to the book in my dream; both involve love everywhere and leave you with a warm fuzzy feeling by the end.

The structure of the book also recalls Sum, about which I heard on Radio Lab and by which I was so intrigued that I immediately ordered it.  (Rather, preordered the paperback.  Minor point.)

Finally, in the book I’ve been reading, Heyday, one of the characters goes to fight in the Mexican-American War, and his happiest memory of that time involves a forest filled with monarch butterflies.

The only thing whose source I can’t pinpoint in my life is the bucket.



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  1. Rafael Lizarralde / Aug 27 2009 11:09 am

    That sounds like the most incredibly awesome dream ever. I’m jealous >_>

  2. Kati / Aug 27 2009 1:27 pm

    I don’t even know what to say. I’m sad we never got to make dinner together, but otherwise I’m actually significantly happier now than I was before reading this post.

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