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24 August 2009 / April

Stuff that keeps me up at night

(Literally; I wrote most of this while trying to fall asleep last night/this morning.)

At this point, not only have I not played solo piano since my recital in MAY or classical music with any serious commitment since Maddie’s recital in JULY, but I actually have not so much as touched a piano (or keyboard) in a WEEK. As in seven days. HOUSTON, WE HAVE A PROBLEM.

Houston, it is long past time for a to-do list.

But not just any to-do list. A publicly presented to-do list that hopefully has the power to hold me accountable. Thus shall you all be my witnesses on this day, Monday, the twenty-fourth of August, two thousand and nine: these are the things I must do.

1) Practice piano.

2) Clean my room.  My soul crumbles into dust at the mere thought of this one– dust that contributes to the already plentiful collections my room possesses.  There is unfolded laundry.  There are unshelved books.  There are unfiled concert programs. There are STACKS OF UNOPENED COLLEGE MAIL. That should have been tossed when I finished my applications in DECEMBER. What is WRONG with me.

3) Begin the daunting task of packing for college. Probably best done in conjunction with the previous item.

4) There were more things, but the terrible idea of cleaning my room drove them all from my mind.

What these things have in common is that I know they will seem so much less intimidating once I actually start them. Which is why I intend to do so.  TODAY.

By the way, you could’ve had this post a lot earlier but I got distracted.  Blame George Cannon.  And by “blame” I mean “praise to high heaven because his photos of Footloose are incredible“.



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  1. Kati / Aug 24 2009 3:04 pm

    I’m with you on practicing classical stuffs. I haven’t done classical vocal work in forever…thank god that’ll change this week. We can have telepathic classical jams!

    dude I think he’s still uploading right this minute. they are fucking increeeeeeedible. George Cannon, how do you do it??

    • April / Aug 24 2009 3:46 pm

      Dude you’re right, there are MORE! 😀 😀 😀

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